Sunday, March 4, 2012

What to do With A Cami?

Hey Everyone!

     I am thinking about the different ways that I like to wear a cami. The one problem is the thin straps. They are impossible to try and make them work with the outfit, so unless I have a shirt to go over them, you will not see me sporting the look. I have not worn one by itself for quite a few years, but when I found this bright yellow one in my closet, I knew I just had to make it work.

This bright colored piece caught my eye, and even though I had no idea what to do with it, I bought it. Great logic there, right? Anyways, I knew I did not want to hide the straps, but I wanted to have something going over this. What is the one trend that is popping up all over the runways for spring? Lace! I went straight to my go-to website for any piece that I need to fill in my wardrobe, forever 21.

 And here is what I found! This sheer lace top would give the perfect amount of, um, fabric, while still letting the bright yellow cami pop through! What is not to love! I hope you all enjoyed and tell me how you like to wear this look! Be sure to comment and follow! we <3 you!
                                                 -Perfectly Pink


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