Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kardashian Kolors

The Kardashians are coming out with a nail polish line!
Kardashian Kolors polish names are revealed.
Each family member came up with two nail polish colors. Each Kardashian is giving away a set of there two colors, so go if you want them go onto their websites.  I personally love the glitter ones. Each Kardashian gave their two nail polish colors a crazy name like one of Kim's was kim-pletely in love, wear something spar-kylie,  and Khloe had a little lam-lam. My favorite color is wear something spar-kylie. It's glittery, and pink! Our two favorite things!
Well, comment and tell me if you like this post, and who your favorite Kardashian is. Also tell me if you like Key Lime pie.
--Glitter Girl


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