Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flawless Finish

         Every girl had a dream sometime in her life to have perfect, clear skin. Foundations are either too sheer or too full coverage and get cakey, concealer only hides the redness and keeps the bumps, and skincare lines can take months to work. So that leaves us with one last solution: Get airbrushed! Airbrush makeup is great for all skin types and will not clog your pores as much as a foundation would! It blends in the different textures of you skin to create a flawless canvas, the perfect step to starting out your look.

       Temptu is currently leading the cosmetic industry in its airbrushing products. I have tried airbrush makeup before and loved it, the price is what I am not adoring!

Here is the Temptu airbrush system! The product comes in these little pods that you can change out depending on what you need. They started out with just foundation, then they came out with airbrush blush, and then they came out with airbrush bronzer and highlighters! Soon there will be a long line-up of airbrush eyeshadows! I don't know, but it seems like everything is going air...

I have had a great experience with airbrush products, I am not impressed with the $250.00 price tag on it... this is the average of the price from the stores I looked at. This is not necessary for me at the moment, so I will continue with putting on foundation the  "boring way" for now! Thanks for reading, feel free to comment and be sure to follow! 
- Perfectly Pink


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