Monday, March 12, 2012

Transitional Tresses

     I was thinking about the way I wear my hair differently every day. You never know what is next. In the spring, I have it wavy, braided, twisted, or curled. In the summer, I am way to lazy to do anything but put it up in a ponytail/braid. In the fall, I wear it curly or straight, but heat tools are always in my hair's future this time of the month. In the winter, I usually stuff it into a messy bun which turned out to have a ton of options for tweaking. Let me tell you, I like to mix it up. 

       I also like to use hair accessories all year round. My hair savvy co-writer, Glitter Girl, did an amazing post on the different ways to wear flower clips in your hair. I love using flower clips, and if you have seen me around lately, you know I have been wearing them daily. Now we are switching from winter to spring, and it is time to change up the hair!

No Matter how odd the sunglasses are, I have to admire the flipped bun ponytail. This sleek style will be perfect for anyone who wants their hair out of their face with a twist. 

I love this braided headband style! This is super cute to wear tighter or loose like it is shown here. I would tease it at the crown before starting the french braid headband, this will make it a little bit easier to fluff up.

And yet another simple/sophisticated ponytail. This is easy to do, you can start by taking the top half and pulling it into a hair tie, then the middle, and then finally gather it all at the bottom. This would be super pretty if you put a thin layer of shine spray throughout the hair before pulling it together, this will make it supper sleek and glossy.

I am loving the hair trends for spring, tell me what you think about them in the comments below and be sure to follow! Thanks for reading!

-Perfectly Pink


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