Thursday, March 22, 2012

Waka Waka!

Hey everyone!

     You all excited for the Hunger Games? We are! Glitter Girl and I had an interesting experience today. We somehow were asked to choreograph a routine for some friends. Of course, we said yes, we love to dance and teach! So we were practicing it, and you can probably guess what song it was from by the title of this post, it was Waka Waka! You know, Shakira's song for the 2010 Fifaworld cup? Ah-mazing, by the way.
     Anyways, we were trying to collaborate our ideas when we had a Zumba expert teach us the Zumba dance to it! After many failed attempts, we got a decent start on the dance.
      This relates to this post because this was how I got inspired! African prints are everywhere now, I will show you some of my favorites!

This is a watercolor tribal print dress from Forever 21. This can be worn is so many ways, I think it is a great way to jump into the trend!

This tribal print top is also from Forever 21. I love how this is clenched in at the waist, the solid stripe of color makes it all work!

      This orange top would be super fun to wear with some jeggings when it is a little cooler outside! I love the mesh of the different patterns on this, it makes it really stand out.

This top is slightly more sheer, so it would be cute to put a white or brown cami under it. I love how Forever 21 paired this with the bright blue bottoms, this is a great alternative to jeans when you want the outfit to really stand out!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Tell me what your favorites are in the comments, be sure to follow, and also vote on our poll on the upper right hand area!

-Perfectly Pink


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