Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Cool Nail Design

Hello Readers!
On the Nicole OPI website, it shows a cool design you can easily do on you nails! What do first, you paint your nails a basic color, and wait for it to dry. Then you take two pieces of tape, and put them paralel on you fingers so there is a straight line that is not covered by the tape. After that, paint your nails again, but a different color. Finally, peel off the tape, and you will have a lovely design on your finger nails! Below is a picture of how to do it.

momager nail art steps
 I got these pictures from the Nicole by OPI website. Thank you very much!

If you want, you can put the tape in different places, so the line is different on each finger nail.

momager nailart final
I also got this picture from the Nicole by OPI website
It has a very cool effect.
Infact, I think I am going to go and try it right now. Please somment and tell me what your results were if you tried it, or if you liked the post.
--Glitter Girl


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