Friday, March 9, 2012

Guess Who?

I love the clothing brand Guess. It is full of fun yet odd items, just enough to perk up your wardrobe. It is fun to add trinkets to your collection, so today I will show you some of my favorites!

This is an adorable spring dress! I love it because it is casual enough to wear in the day but could be dressed up for lunch or some occasion. Guess provides what I like to cal the EBB or even better basics! They turn the must have needed pieces into ones that can't be missed!

  This is the perfect cream colored purse for spring. It will also work for summer, so I think it will be a great transition piece. This has a beautiful gold sheen to it and will make the perfect touch to anything gold!

So these are my favorite things from guess. Tell me what your favorite store is of the moment and be sure to comment and follow!
-perfectly pink


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