Saturday, March 31, 2012

Super Straight

Hey everyone!

     I have been on a quest to get super straight, shiny hair. I had a CHI flat iron, and it was really great and got the job done, but it left my hair really straight. Most people would think that this is a good thing, but it made my hair so straight it was compleatly unworkable! I tried to put it up in a ponytail, and it would not obey me without sticking out everywhere! This turned me onto a flat iron craze, and now I think I met my match!

     I found this on sale, and I am so glad I got it! It is the hair rage flat iron, and I got it in the giraffe print! This is compleate with heat settings, quick heat up time, and in amazing colors and designs! Yeah, I am obsessed.

     This kind of looks cheeta-ish in the picture, but it is giraffe, I promise! What I do is I section my hair into three sections with clips before i start in. This helps me get it super straight, and I love the look of it! Be sure to use a heat protectant on it before straightening, it will keep your hair from getting those evil split ends.

I love that this iron not only makes your hair super straight, but it also makes it very smooth and soft! It is really a great basic product to start off with.

When it comes to heat protectants, I love the redken iron silk. It has an 07 hold, which means that it will give some control without making it crunchy. I spray this all over, and then get the ends, and run a hairbrush through my hair. This distributes the product evenly, and it also makes your hair look amazing before you straighten it!

I hope you liked this post on my new hair find, tell me what your favorite way to wear your hair in the comments below! Also, be sure to vote on our poll, voice your opinion in the poll below the post, and follow us to get in on all of our tips! Thanks for reading!

~perfectly pink

Easy Eyeshadow


Sometimes in the morning, there isn't enough time to do to much makeup. So,here's some easy eyeshadows, that you can just use and be done with your eye makeup, and still look great.

Nylon is very pretty. It looks natural, and it's shimmery. Then, if you want you could use Stars and Rockets as a liner if you have time.

All that Glitters
The next one is All That Glitters.

Finally, try Ricepaper. 

But for people with a darker skintone that want a natural look, try these.

Ok, the first one is Honey Lust                          
Honey Lust
Also, Brun would work.    

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--Glitter Girl

Friday, March 30, 2012

Just Delicious

Hey everyone!

I was thinking of the different perfumes that I like the best and thought I needed to switch my favorite scent for spring! Here is my story...

So my favorite one in the winter is thierry muglar's angel perfume. It is this really deep Carmel and chocolate scent that is just plain yummy to put it best!

Now that it is spring, I need a new scent. This one has been my favorite for a while, and I am so glad to break it out again! It is DKNY's be delicious. It is this really light green apple with many other scents in it. Here is what sephora listed as the notes.. American Apple, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Candid Magnolia, Tuberose, White Muguet, Rose, Violet, Sandalwood, Tender Skin Accord, Blonde Woods, and White Amber.

Not only being an amazing scent, the packaging on this is really pretty! The bottom half is a peppy olive green with a hint of lime to it and the other is a sleek silver. I love it!

I hope you enjoyed my new spring scent post, feel free to comment, and make sure to follow, vote on our poll, and vote your opinion on this post!

-perfectly pink

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shopping haul!

Hey everyone!

I am really excited to share with you the things I got on my latest shopping trip!
Ifirst got these polka dot hair clips. I love pairing these with my shoes that are in the same print, it looks very cute!

Next I got this floral dress. It is a really pretty pink/coral color, I really love it. It does come down a little low, so I will put a yellow cami under it.

And then I got satellite dreams eyeshadow from mac! I really love this deep purple, it has a really cool indigo sheen to it.

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul! Be sure to comment, follow, and put your two cents in on our poll!

-perfectly pink

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Living Proof

Before hair spray. Photo credit to

After hair spray. Photo credit to

     If you saw my last post, you saw that I bought some Living Proof Straight Hair Spray. Well I tried it, and it was sooo amazing I just had to tell you guys about it. On the Living Proof Website, they have this picture. My hair isn't curly, and the spray straightened my hair better the the curling iron ever has. It's also much easier because after you get out of the shower, you just spray your hair and then blow-dry.
     The company Living Proof also has some other products, I have not tried them yet, but all of te comments said that they work great.
1. This hairspray is supposed to help dry, or damaged hair.
Restore makes dry or damaged hair look, feel and behave like virgin hair. Watch the video.
Photo credit to

2. This hairspray gets rid of frizz.
Read more about No Frizz Straight Treatment

3.  This  gives your hair more volume, and makes it look thicker.

Read more about Full Root Lifting Spray

4. This is hairspray that holds your hair in place firmly.
Hold Firm Hairspray
They also have a hairspray that holds your hair in place, but more flexible.
Hold Flexible Hairspray
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--Glitter Girl

Power Color

Hey everyone!

Today I want to tell you all about my new go to nail color! Glitter Girl and I were shopping the other day and we were in Forever 21. They have an incredible selection of nail polish, and they are super cheap, so we decided to get a color or two. I was in the market for a bright orange, something that I could put a fun floral design on to make more spring like. I thought I had found the perfect shade, so I a bought it. Turns out it is red!

So this was a surprise to me, because I was kind of mad that I didn't get the color I wanted, and the one I had picked up was a red, of all colors! I must say, I was quite the angry bird. But then I thought of the reds I had in my collection, and my mind went blank. This couldn't be, the nail polish obsessed girly girl was without one red nail polish in her collection? I have worn just about every color you can think of, so why would I not have red? I came to the conclusion that this "tragic" mix-up just may be exactly what I needed.

So now red is my go to color! It is such a basic, I don't know why I didn't think of it before, but I really love it!

Here is the one I got, I will be wearing this a ton! Tell me what your go to color is in the comments and be sure to follow us!

-perfectly pink

Shopping Trip

Yestarday was my first time ever going to the MAC counter and it was an experience! It was absolutely amazing.
I was looking for some simple makeup for school, that would look kind of natural. Perfectly pink told me to try the color Nylon. It looks natural, but it's very shimmery. I highly suggest it.
Then we headed off to Forever 21. I got a light blue nail polish, and then a silver sparklely one. I got those two colors because I thought it would look good to use the blue nail polish, and then do a little silver at the tip of my fingers. It actually turned out quite well.

Now this is possibly my favorite purchase of the day. I got Living Proof hair straightening spray at Sephora's. It's great because after you shower, you just spray your hair, and then you blow dry. It's must faster, and easier than straightening your hair with a straightening iron.

I hope you like this post!
--Glitter Girl

Monday, March 26, 2012


     Today I am going to talk about one of my favorite things to do with my nails. I call it crackle, but the OPI website calls it shatter, so I guess you can call it whatever you want. Crackle/ Shatter looks like this.
photo credit to

When I first saw this, I thought it had to be done by hand and I was like, wow, that must take alot of time. But really it's quite easy.
1. First you apply a base coat of normal nail polish. It can be any color you like.

2. Wait for it to dry, then apply it again.

Crackle Overcoat
photo credit to

3. Then take some crackle nail polish.

You buy this at most stores that sell nail polish. Apply it onto your nail just like it was another layer of you base coat.

********You want to make sure that your base coat and your crackle colors go well together. You also want to be sure that the two colors are very different, because if they are too alike you won't be able to see the crackle as well.

4. Wait for it to dry, and the VOILA!!!
Photo credit to

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--Glitter Girl

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Makeup Challange Two

Hey everyone!

I hope you are excited for my second post of the makeover madness series! I put in a clue of what it was going to be on my last post, it said that two colors were used, but you can use more then two products. Questionable thoughts were probably flying, but here is the post!

I was playing around with different lip colors for spring and summer and found one that I am kind of adoring. It is two toned lips! You put a bright, bold color all over and then another color in the center and blend out. This gives a really cool effect that varies depending on what products you use.

I used Vegas Volt lipstick for my first color. It is a bright coral/red that is so pretty on! I love this color.

Then I took some of melon pigment and placed it in the middle of my lip. I then used my finger to blend it out.

My clue said that you can use more then two products, but only two colors. This means that you can always top it off with a clear gloss! I just used a basic one, not sure what brand it was!

I hope you enjoyed this, tell me how you tried this makeup challenge!

-Perfectly Pink

Polka Dot Crazy!

I was looking at the Forever 21 website, and I noticed that there were alot of polka dots. Then at school the next day I noticed many people wearing ploka dots. So I wondered, is polka dots the new trend? If it is, here are some items that have lots of polka dots.

First these polka dot flats. 

Next is this gorgeus polka dot dress. The white and light blue go perfectly together and this will look great in spring, and summer. This dress is great because it can be
casual, or with the right accesories it can be formal.

Then there is this pretty orange shirt that would go great with a pair of dark jeans and sandals.

Then there is also this polka dot skirt.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment and tell us what you think. Tell your friends about this blog, because once we get 2,000 viewers we will have a contest! Also, please follow our blog!
--Glitter Girl♥

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Top Knot!

Hey everyone!

     If you have seen my last post on the spring/summer dressed I have been looking at on Forever 21, you may have seen my hair comment. I said that a ton of the models on the website were wearing the top know style, and I thought it was so cute! It is really easy, here is how I do mine.

The first step is to gather your hair together like you would for a high ponytail and twist it. This is a super strange pic, I know, but this is the one that I thought best explained it! The twist can be messy, it all evens out in the knot part of it.

Next, all you need to do is take the roll of hair you have and knot it! I like to still keep my hair messy while doing this because it is easier to even out when you are done. After you knot it, take a shine serum and run it through any areas of frizziness. This will smooth it out and give it a hint of shine!

I like to put a headband in once I am done with it just to give some extra control. I hope you all enjoyed this short and sweet post on my new go to hairstyle!

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I am also super excited to do my second post of the day! What beauty trend am I going to run with next? You will just have to check back and see! Here is a hint: It uses two colors, but can use more then two products. Thanks for reading!

-Perfectly Pink

Friday, March 23, 2012

Makeup Idea!

If you are going makeup shopping, and you can't decide what makeup to try, I'm here to help.    

LIMITLESS 15 HOUR WEAR CREAM SHADOWFirst, a very sheer shimmery gold eyeshadow looks very good. I saw a girl at school wear this and it looks fantastic.

I also suggest using this eyeshadow from MAC cosmetics called arena. A light brown eyeshadow can work wonders, and it also looks very natural.

Now onto the lipgloss
Ok, first I suggest using the lipgloss afterglow from smashbox.

Next try the lipgloss Enchantee by MAC Comsmetics. I have never tried this, but Perfectly pink loves♥ this company.

Finally the lipgloss Pout from Smashbox is gorgeous. This is my favorite. I actually own this, and I wear it all the time!

I hoped this helped, please comment and tell me what you think! Also tell your friends about us because when we get 2,000 viewers we will have a contest!
--Glitter Girl


Super Sale!

Hey Everyone!

     I am so excited to share my new discovery with you! Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores, in, probably history. They have cute clothes, great prices, and amazing jewelry! I was looking for new spring/summer dresses and found the test ones ever! They got in a whole bunch of new ones, but I really wanted something brighter, something fun! I just was not finding what I was looking for, so I decided to check out the sale section. I adore the dresses that I found! Here they are!

I love this whole ensemble! The bright pops of color are striking against the white, and the belt adds the perfect beachy twist! I am also loving the way that Forever 21 is styling a lot of the model's hair; the top knot/messy bun is so simple and chic.

This tropical sundress is so pretty! I would probably wear a cami under this one because the neckline is kind of low. I would do a bright yellow to bring out the yellow flowers.

I need this dress. I am somewhat addicted to bright colors now, they just give me such a boost! I would love to wear this with some small yellow wedges, they would bring everything together!

If you want a more toned down option, this scalloped hem dress is the perfect one for you! You could have a ton of fun with shoes on this dress, you could use a bold red or a vibrant teal. I would put some wooden bangles to add something extra.

Last but not least, I found this adorable summery floral dress. The ocean blue and the white have such a beautiful contrast, it is impossible to pass up! The white straps would pop against a summer tan, and it will work for both spring and summer! This would be super cute to pair with some braided silver sandals.

I hope you enjoyed this spring/summer dress post! Tell me which one is your favorite, and what your favorite bright color for spring! Also, be sure to vote on our favorite post poll, and follow us for more tips, tricks, and fashion secrets!
-Perfectly Pink

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beach Bags and more!

Aero NY Striped Tote  - Aéropostale®     Ok, in the summer you need big bags for the beach, sleepovers, aand many more things. So, here are some super cute bags and are fashionable, and big enough to hold everything you need.
     This is the first one. It also come in a navy/purple color. It's bigger than it looks in the picture, and it would be an awesome bag for a sleepover. (Infact I am going to use it for my sleepover with perfectly pink.) This bag is from Aerpostale

This next one is a perfect beach bag with plenty of room for towels, and bathing suits. But since school is still going on, you can use it for school too. This bag is also from Aeropostale.

Aero Swim Tote  - Aéropostale®

This bag is from Forever 21 and i think the floral prints are so cute. This bag will definetly grab some attention.

Vera Bradley - Tote
This bag is from Vera Bradley and the print is called the Island Blooms. I really like Vera Bradley, but I don't always like all of the prints. Sometimes they can be too old lady. But, this print is totally cool.

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--Glitter Girl

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