Saturday, March 24, 2012

Top Knot!

Hey everyone!

     If you have seen my last post on the spring/summer dressed I have been looking at on Forever 21, you may have seen my hair comment. I said that a ton of the models on the website were wearing the top know style, and I thought it was so cute! It is really easy, here is how I do mine.

The first step is to gather your hair together like you would for a high ponytail and twist it. This is a super strange pic, I know, but this is the one that I thought best explained it! The twist can be messy, it all evens out in the knot part of it.

Next, all you need to do is take the roll of hair you have and knot it! I like to still keep my hair messy while doing this because it is easier to even out when you are done. After you knot it, take a shine serum and run it through any areas of frizziness. This will smooth it out and give it a hint of shine!

I like to put a headband in once I am done with it just to give some extra control. I hope you all enjoyed this short and sweet post on my new go to hairstyle!

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I am also super excited to do my second post of the day! What beauty trend am I going to run with next? You will just have to check back and see! Here is a hint: It uses two colors, but can use more then two products. Thanks for reading!

-Perfectly Pink


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