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Welcome to our "about us" page! In here, we will fill in some fun stuff about us, so keep reading! This is our amazing logo! It was designed by our wonderful manager. We had decided to make a logo that really represented Forever Fuchsia. Thank you so much for everyone's hard work!


How We Got Our Name:We were set on starting this blog. There was nothing in our way and we knew it was meant to be. The only problem was we could not figure out which name to use! We acutally found an unusual spot of free time to work on it. We tossed out all of our ideas and came up with two that we loved. We tried putting the initials on slips of paper and choosing between those, and then gave up on that idea and went to our friends for help. After going through about 30 names, Forever Fuchsia it was!

Perfectly Pink

I adore the color pink, and about every single color you can think of! Currently I am working toward expanding my knowledge in the beauty and fashion industry and marketing. I would love to get a job in the industry by creating new products and giving new sales pitches! Beauty products and makeup looks go hand in hand with the fashion side for me, but if I had to pick my stronger point, it would have to be makeup. I have been freelancing for about the past three years and have loved every second of it. I do not have one exact look that I have ever gone back to; there are so many options! My favorite beauty brands would have to be MAC, urban decay, nars, and it is so hard to choose between Clinique/ benefit! I love looking at upcoming trends in makeup/ fashion on the runway; I always love to see the live shows! Keep checking the blog for new post, and be sure to follow and comment!

Glitter Girl

I am an absolute beauty addict! I love makeup, and my favorite makeup company is MAC. I am always experimenting with new looks, and I love creating smokey eyes! I also love fashion. I love a cute dress that can be made casual or dressy with the right accessories. T-shirts just really aren't for me. And I absolutely adore high heels! Don't even get me started on here.... I promsie to make fun entertaining posts to help you in the beauty world! And always feel free to comment and tell me what you think!Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment or contact us at foreverfuchsia@gmail.com with any questions or post requests!


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