Tuesday, May 29, 2012

J'adore Dior

Hey Everyone!

     Today's post is not going to be on the perfume J'adore By Dior, but it is on the brand! Sorry, I am in a french mood! Anyways, I have been in love with their eyeshadow palettes lately. They have an extremely soft, almost buttery texture to them that makes it really easy to blend.

This is the Incognito palette. If you want more of a neutral, everyday look, this is for you! The top two remind me of Samoa Silk and Ricepaper from mac, don't you think?

This is the Gris-Gris palette. From their five eyeshadow palettes, this one would be the best for a traditional smokey eye. Well, that type of look is not exactly traditional, but this would work for the average smokey eye! Plus, the black in the center adds a little bit more sparkle, and it really reminds me of black tied from mac!

Rosy Tan would be perfect for a soft look. I would put the softest brown all over the lid and then blend out the pink into the inner corner so it isn't too overwhelming.

Royal Kaki might be my new favorite! I love the soft golden undertones mixing with the steely silver grey ones. This looks like the darkest navy/black and the middle sage green are matte, so you can create depth as well.

Stylish Move is the perfect purple palette. The pink keeps it toned down while the cream color will highlight perfectly. I would love to see the darkest plum as an eyeliner smudged at the lashline. You could create a soft wash of color up to your brow bone and focus the attention to your lashline.

Bleu De Paris is the navy smokey eye palette. If you want something a little different for more of a dramatic look you want to create, this is the palette for you. Personally, I do not really like softer blues on me unless I am doing a tropical look. I would use the silver in this as a base instead of the blue.

This is the Rose Porcelain palette. If you love pink eyeshadows, this would work really well for you! I like purples, but you have to be carful with pinks because they bring out any redness in your eyes. These look like they would be more brightening, but be sure to supplement with the white just in case!

This is the Grège palette. I like this palette because they mixed the undertones in the perfect way. I would call this a jump above the neutral eye because you are experimenting with some darker colors in the palette.

Overall, I really love the Dior palettes! Tell me in the comments what your favorites are, and be sure to follow! Thanks for reading!

♥ Perfectly Pink

Monday, May 28, 2012

Picture Perfect!

Hello Readers!
Instead of having to go out and spend a small fortune on skin care products, use these tips and tricks at home to get clean, glowing skin!

1. Healthy, natural food is good for your skin. Try to avoid having too much junk food, because junk food is really greasy and that grease can get on your face and cause acne.
2. Try to drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. Doctors reccomend at least 8 glasses per day.
3. Exercise lots. But when you are done make sure to rinse off your face using warm water.
4. The sun is good for your skin, but not too much sun. So if you are going out into the sun for a long period of time use sunscreen with a Spf of 15 to 30.
5. If you have acne, blemishes, or dark spots, put lemon juice on them. This will clear them up.
6. Instead of having to coat on the concealer, put cucumbers over your eyes for a couple of minutes to clear up dark under eye circles.
7. Remove all makeup before going to bed.
8. Wash face using soap and warm water before bed. I suggest using Dove soap. Their soap is really gentle  on your skin but it cleans really well.
Thats it! I hope these tricks and tips help you get glowing and healthy skin!
--Glitter Girl

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What is in My Beach Bag

Hello Again!

     It is that not so lovely time of year again where I get to scramble all of my notes together and start studying for finals. I need a de-stresser, and blogging is a major help! Today I am going to post on what I like to put in my beach bag!

When you are out in the sun, it is important to keep your skin hydrated. I use the Evian water facial spray because it is packed with minerals, and not no mention incredibly refreshing! These also come in travel sized bottles.

If it will fit, I like to keep my towel in my bag. Last year I had the Lauren by Ralph Lauren beach teal and green beach towel but I cannot find it! I loved this one because it was fluffy enough to dry you off but it was also perfect for laying on. 

One of the things you must remember is to use sunscreen! I use spf 50 just to stay on the safe side. The is the Kiehl's Ultimate UV shield spf 50, and it works wonders! Not only is it a great sunscreen, it also is very moisturizing.

Lip balm is extremely important in the summer. Believe it or not, your lips can get sunburned. My favorite is the eos lip balm in Summer Fruit. Mac  just released some new tinted lip balms with spf in them in their new summer collection!

I prefer to have my hair back when I get in the water, so I like to have a few hair ties on hand!

So these are the items that I always pack in my pool/beach bag, I hope you enjoyed! I will soon put up a couple of looks for summer that will stay on all day, and a summer shopping haul! Thanks for reading!

♥ Perfectly Pink

Rainbow Eyes In The Springtime

Hey Everyone!

I have something different today. Don't I always? I will be the first one to admit that I am not the most consistent when it comes to makeup looks. My makeup is usually new to me every time I try it. If Van Gogh painted the exact same thing, would his career have gone anywhere? That is my explanation for this madness. Keep reading at your own risk.

Take the challenge! This might not be your everyday look to go run errands in, but it could work... Okay, I'm joking here, do not go outside and scare your neighbors and/or small children. I just want to encourage you to take chances when it comes to your beauty routine. Who knows, you could inspire the next big thing. :)

Perfectly Pink


Waterproof makeup!

Hello Readers!
One of the dangers of swimming in a pool is that if you don't remove your makeup before you jump in, your makeup might get all over your face in places you don't want. but there is a simple and easy solution to this! Waterproof makeup! So today I'm going to show you some of my favorite waterproof makeup.

First is Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Put this on before you apply any eye makeup, and your eye makeup will stay on all day even if you go in water!

 Probably the makeup that runs the most in water is mascara. I don't know if you watched this years Miss America Pagent, but when Miss America won she cried and her mascara when everywhere. She should have used Mac's Splashproof Lash Mascara. This mascara is waterproof, and gives you a very natural look.
Splashproof Lash

Next is Smashbox's Limitless Waterproof Liquid Liner Pen. If you use Urban Decay's Primer Potion you don't need waterproof liner, but it's always nice to stay on the safe side.
Finally, it's very hard to get waterproof makeup off because, well, it's waterproof. but Nar's Makekup Cleansing Oil.It's a very good makeup cleanser, it's gets everything off, and it works on waterproof makeup too.
Makeup Cleansing Oil

I hope you liked this post! Feel free to comment and tell me what you think!
--Glitter Girl

Friday, May 25, 2012

Killer Concealer

Hello Readers!
Usually in my reviews about products I tell you about amazing products that you should be sure to try out! Well, today thats not the case. I tried out Sheer Cover light/medium concealer. Its a little too over sheer. it doesn't conceal anything, and it doesn't blend in to your skin at all. Even if you did have the exact same skintone as the concealer, if you have dry skin, it shows all the cracks. It doens't conceal, it draws attention to whatever you tried to conceal. Also, it's not water based. It's made with canola oil, which is bad to put on your face. I would not waste 28 dollars on this thing.

Bye for now!
--Glitter Girl

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back To Basics- Swimsuit Edition!

Hey everyone!

     Before I start, I better warn you all: there will be many more swimwear posts in the future! For my first post on it, I want to write on how I love to wear blue swimsuits! This was also requested by one of our readers who has helped us out on numerous occasions, she has given us a ton of great ideas! Keep the requested posts coming, we love a challenge. : )

With this bright, solid shade of teal, you can easily get away with a bold beach bag! This is the La Blanca Glimmer Girl top, and it is perfect for summer! Personally,I like two piece swimsuits more then one piece. If you prefer them as well but you don't want to wear a bikini, the tankini is perfect for you! This is a tankini top, so I have a few more of my favorites if you are in the market for a bikini.

If you want something that will pop against a tan, this Dolce and Gabbana Bikini is for you! Most of the time I wear a two piece instead of a one piece swimsuit because I like to get up early in the morning and play tennis. If I can get a practice session before it gets extremely hot, I will! Anyways, I play in the tight-fit crop tops then. I don't want to have tan arms and a pale stomach, so I go with bikinis more often! You would think it wouldn't be that noticeable, but it is!

I found this on one of my favorite websites, asos. This is the river island 3D bikini, and I love it because of the detail! The top has these small flowers scattered all over it. It seems to be the perfect touch without being too much. Bright colors are in for summer, and the perfect way to accent a slightly softer form of that color is with detail.

This is from asos as well, and it is called the Seafolly Lola Rose bikini top. I love this one because it is somewhat vintage inspired. Think of how this would look against the water, I love the turquoise water and the flowers together!

This is the perfect soft turquoise. This would be my go to swimsuit for lounging! In the past, my friends and family get into some pretty competitive pool volleyball. Last year, we exploded so many of those rafts because we were standing on them for extra height, oh the good times. Warning to all kids: don't try that at home. :)

Thanks for reading, and tell me in the comments which one is your favorite! I promise I will post my top picks for waterproof makeup and summer looks soon!

Perfectly Pink

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Must Haves!

Summer's coming in! Schools are getting out and people are getting out their swimsuits! Today I'm going to show you my top 9 summer must haves!

1.Sunglasses: I cannot go to the beach without my sunglasses. So i always like to protect my eyes in style! These sunglasses are from Forever 21. Forever 21 has a great selection of accesories and sunglasses.

2. Rings: The first one is a blue flower ring and the one beside it is a knuckle ring. these are both from Forever 21. they are colorfull, and bright which is perfect for summer. My favorite one is the colorfull knuckle ring because I love that it has beads on it and not many rings have beads on them. Creative!

3. Sandals: the best place for summer sandals is Aldos! They have a great selection of different styles, from flips flops to gladiator sandals!

4. Summer bikinis! Delias is a great place to get your summer bathing suit because you can do any color with any design of bathing suit.

5. Stars and Rockets from Mac cosmetics. It looks very thick and dark in the pictue but really if you just do one light coat of it, it's very sheer and great for a summer day when your in a very pink mood!

6. Afterglow from smashbox. Afterglow is a sparkely pale pink color.

7. Seasalt spray! This will make your hair nice and wavy.

8. Essie, bikini so teenie. This is just one of the colors from Essie's new summer collection. The colors and brught and colorfull. they would also look great with a tan.
9. Opi Hot Hot Hot! If you rememeber awhile ago I did a post about how I really wanted s hot pink nail polish! Well I found one and it's Hot Hot Hot from OPI!

I hope you like this post! Please comment and tell me what you think!
--Glitter Girl

Monday, May 21, 2012

Make a Mac Palette!

So I know that awhile ago Perfectly Pink did a post on Mac blush palettes, but today I am going to talk about Mac eyeshadow Palettes! There are palettes thats contain two eyeshadows ($30.00), four eyeshadows ($53.00), and a 15 eyeshadows palette! ($188.50).
For these Mac palettes, they have ones that are already made, but the cool part is that you can customize your own! You can choose any eyeshadow they have and put it in your palette! But even though it is a bit cheaper to get it in palettes form, I always try to get it in pot form. I just think it's better to have each one in it's one little container. I still love it in palette form too though!
Mac palettes are great because it's cheaper to get them instead of in pan form, you can choose any eyeshadows to put in them, and they are perfect for someone who travels alot and doesn't want to have lots of eyeshadows moving around in her purse or makeup bag.

--Glitter Girl

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chanel Tennis Racket!

Hey everyone!

     I must admit, I am a tennis nut. I would play tennis 24/7, I love everything about it. So when I saw a Chanel tennis racket in Vogue, I had a moment. There was a specialty one, and it was the perfect balance of gold, white, and the logo... sigh.

Look at these! I mean, I might be more worried about snapping off that flower then getting the perfect amount of power and spin on my serve, but still!

Amazing. Can't you just see it? I toss up the ball, the sun threatening my eyes, and then SNAP! I snap down on the ball. My opponent is so blinded by my racket, it is an ace! Yeah, highly unlikely, but a girl can dream...

Oh gosh. Chanel has put me in la-la land!

And they have tennis balls. Considering that they come in what looks like a makeup traveling bag, I would imagine these would be kind of pricey. They come as a set of four, but come on! They just scream luxury!

Thanks for reading, and tell me in the comments if you have checked out Chanel's line of sports equipment.

♥ Perfectly Pink

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dramatic Look

Today I was messing around with some of my eyshadows and I decided to try and make a really dramatic look. So when I think of dramatic I think of dark blues, purples, golds, silver, and black. So I used a couple of those colors today to create a very dramatic look. Oh and sorry my pictures aren't great today, my camera was in a bad mood.
For this looks, you will need Deep Truth, Retrospeck, black mascara, and a MAC 239 brush.

So first I took Deep Truth an applied it all over the lid. This is what makes the dramatic part of the look. Make sure not to go too light with this, because the darker you go with it the better the next eyeshadow I'm going to tell you about will show up.

The next eyeshadow I used was Retrospeck. This is a light shimmery gold color. Apply this is in the inner corners and the crease and feel free to smoke it up a little bit. This looks amazing because it adds alot of shimmer to the look and gives it some pop, because it would be really boring to just have plain blue all over the lid.

Finally, I took some black mascara. This just adds onto the dramatic look an yet again, makes Retrospeck show up better because this is such a dark color too.

I hope you like this post! Feel free to comment and tell me what you think! I love to hear what our readers have to say. Bye for now!
--Glitter Girl

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Winged Eyeliner

Hey everyone! 

     In my last post on the silver smokey eye, I winged out my liner a little. I didn't do a huge wing, just a small one to lift up my eyes and to define them. I wanted to show you my secret for it, so here it is!

 Here you can see the basics. I only have Urban Decay zero on my upper lash line with Mac Carbon smudged in with a 226 brush. This is the first step, and then you build from there!
 So this is the shape your line will take. The key to this is to wing it out by following the curve of your lower lash line. This is the angle that is the best for your eye shape! It looks really dramatic in this picture, but when you open your eyes, it looks much smaller.
And that is it! You can make a thicker, longer wing to make it more dramatic, but I prefer the smaller ones. I just put a little mascara on with a peach/gold base and a soft brown in the crease.

To soften it up, you could set it with a grey shadow. I love to set my eyeliner with an eyeshadow because it makes it stay longer and it helps smudge it out. I use a 266 brush to place this really close to the lash line.

My tip is to make sure they are even by using the lower lash line technique. Also, start small. It is much easier to add more color then try to get it off without wiping off the erst of your look!

Thanks for reading, and tell me in the comments if you are enjoying these tips and tricks for my different looks!

♥ Perfectly Pink


So even though I don't have an occasion to wear a fancy poofy gown, I still love to look at them from time to time. When I do Jovani is the first website I go to. Their dresses are so fabulous, and they have so many different styles and colors. For whatever occasion you have, Jovani will have a dress perfect for that occasion! They have Wedding dresses, Prom dresses, Pageant Dresses Short dresses, evening dresses and Couture dresses. If you wear one of their dresses to an occasion, you will be sure to stand out! (In a good way of course.) These are some of my favorite dresses they have made for Prom this year. If you what to check out their website (and I highly suggest you do) just go to this link. http://www.jovani.com/ All of these dresses are from the prom collection.

This one is so gorgeus! I love how it's plain white but on one side it's a surprise! That's oe thing I love about Jovani is that they always have surprises!
I love this one because the skirt of it reminds me of waves.
Thi is a great dress because it looks like a normal dress thats perfect for a date, but you don't realize that there is a train in the back!

I hope you like this post!
--Glitter Girl

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Silver Smokey Eye

Hey everyone!

     I am really excited to share with you my new modern take on the smokey eye! I actually incorporated a dark green instead of the black just to make it a little more edgy. This look can easily be toned down, so you can make it as dramatic or natural as you want.

First, prime your eyes with Urban Decay primer potion. This will make your shadows last all day. Just remember, you don't need much, a little goes a long way.

 I have some of my Mac eyeshadows de-potted, and Electra is one of them! I used a 239 brush to apply this all over the lid. I layered it a little to bring out the shimmer.
 Plumage is one of my favorite colors to use instead of a black because it has a slight blue/green tint to it. I used a 217 brush to apply this in the crease.
 After that, I used Scene to blend out my crease color. I used the 217 brush again so any leftover product on the brush will blend into the grey. If you need a stiffer brush to define the areas, I would use the 213.
 The key to a darker, smokey eye like this is to balance it out with a highlight color. I chose Blanc Type because it is a natural matte color. I used the 227 brush to highlight my brow bone.
 For a liner, I used a basic black. Urban Decay Zero is the perfect eyeliner for this! What I did was I created a thin line and then made it thicker before slightly winging it out. To create more definition, I layer Plumage with a 266 over it. I used both colors on the waterline to set it.
 Mac false lash mascara is my go to one when I need something extra. I love how it lengthens and defines without clumping.

Here are the brushes I used! These are the numbers from left to right: 239, 217, 213, 266, 227.

And here is the finished product! You can see I winged the liner out a little, I wanted it to lift the eye. Oh, and I did not use actual false lashes, just the mascara! I lined my waterline, and I think that really made it stand out. Overall, I was pretty happy at out turned out!

Thanks for reading, be sure to follow and comment on what your go-to smokey eye is! Also, I have to add a quick update on the product reviews. I promise, they will be up soon! I still need to figure out how I am going to organize them, but I am excited about it!

Love you all!

♥ Perfectly Pink

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