Thursday, May 10, 2012

Great Nail Products!

                                                              Hello Readers!
So if you saw my last post on my favorite nail products and companies, you saw that the first one on the list was the Sally Hansen Nail Art Strips.

. Thats what I all them, but they are really called Sally Hansen Salon Effect. And since these are my favorite nail products, I thought I would do a post just on them! They are very cools because they come in so many different patterns, from zebra print, red and black stripes, and pink polka dots. I got the pink and white polka dot one. It was actually my first time ever getting one of these and let me say they are amazing! They have many different sizes in the package so one of them will definetly fit your nails and they look profesionally done. I also love it because every single thing you need comes in the small package. It includes a wooden stick,(Ok, it seems random to have a wooden stick in your nail kit, but they are used to push back your cuticles and to smooth out the strips on your nails), a nail file (it's pink!) and then the strips that go on your nails. 
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So, they are pretty easy to use, but they do take some time to become a pro at it. So if you are just beginning (like me) here are some tricks and tips that will help you as you do your nails.

1. GO SLOWELY!!! I cannot stress this enough. You can easily mess these up if you go too fast.

2. Make sure your nails are very clean before your begin. I suggest rubbing a little nail polish remouver over them just to get off everything.

3. Don't over stretch the strip when you put it on your nails. This just drags out the design, doen't make it look as neat, and the strip might break.

When you are done with your nails it will look like you went to a salon and spent 20 dollars getting your nails done! When really you did them for just 6.75 at home.
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Have fun doing your nails!
--Glitter Girl
I hope you try these out!


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