Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Silver Smokey Eye

Hey everyone!

     I am really excited to share with you my new modern take on the smokey eye! I actually incorporated a dark green instead of the black just to make it a little more edgy. This look can easily be toned down, so you can make it as dramatic or natural as you want.

First, prime your eyes with Urban Decay primer potion. This will make your shadows last all day. Just remember, you don't need much, a little goes a long way.

 I have some of my Mac eyeshadows de-potted, and Electra is one of them! I used a 239 brush to apply this all over the lid. I layered it a little to bring out the shimmer.
 Plumage is one of my favorite colors to use instead of a black because it has a slight blue/green tint to it. I used a 217 brush to apply this in the crease.
 After that, I used Scene to blend out my crease color. I used the 217 brush again so any leftover product on the brush will blend into the grey. If you need a stiffer brush to define the areas, I would use the 213.
 The key to a darker, smokey eye like this is to balance it out with a highlight color. I chose Blanc Type because it is a natural matte color. I used the 227 brush to highlight my brow bone.
 For a liner, I used a basic black. Urban Decay Zero is the perfect eyeliner for this! What I did was I created a thin line and then made it thicker before slightly winging it out. To create more definition, I layer Plumage with a 266 over it. I used both colors on the waterline to set it.
 Mac false lash mascara is my go to one when I need something extra. I love how it lengthens and defines without clumping.

Here are the brushes I used! These are the numbers from left to right: 239, 217, 213, 266, 227.

And here is the finished product! You can see I winged the liner out a little, I wanted it to lift the eye. Oh, and I did not use actual false lashes, just the mascara! I lined my waterline, and I think that really made it stand out. Overall, I was pretty happy at out turned out!

Thanks for reading, be sure to follow and comment on what your go-to smokey eye is! Also, I have to add a quick update on the product reviews. I promise, they will be up soon! I still need to figure out how I am going to organize them, but I am excited about it!

Love you all!

♥ Perfectly Pink


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