Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bring It On!

Hey everyone!

     I have a post that is a little different then usual today. Let's just say, if you have a challenge, I am willing to embrace it. Test out a new nail polish collection in a day? Easy. Curl my hair in five minutes? Done. My new plan is to have everything perfectly planned before summer, the time to fall apart again! Okay, kind of kidding on that one! But I am focusing on a new word: determination.

    This is why I am going to try to turn the impossible into the possible: I am going to do a review on every single product in my beauty collection. They will be grouped by color and brand, and I am in this for the long run! If it takes me six months, then I am prepared, and I am going to do it! So this is why I am taking the beauty review challenge.

     This is just a quick update on this, be prepared for makeup review madness! I will still do a ton of my normal posts, so tell me in the comments what you want to see more often. I am doing this to prove to myself I can do detailed reviews for reference, and for fun! You just have to love blogging. 

Love you guys!

♥ Perfectly Pink


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