Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Favorite Nail Polish and Companies

Today I'm going to tell you all of my favorite companies/ nail polish accesories.So as a gift my mom got me Sally Hanson Salon Effects. So the reason they sre real fake nail polish is because it is strips that you put over your nails, BUT the are made of real nail polish! I can tell because it says that on the box and it certainly smells like nail polish. I got the pink polka dot print. They are supposed to look real becsuse after you put the strips on you have to shape it to your nail with a small nail file that comes in the package.

So, The next one is the Sally Hanson nail art pen (she makes great nail stuff). I own (and so does Perfectly Pink) it in pale pink. These work great, too, and they looks so cool on your nails. But there are a couple of issues. Sometimes it's really hard to get the paint to start coming out, and sometimes it comes out too much so you have giant blobs. But once you get the hang of it that doesn't happen. Also, after you apply it, let it dry and then put a clear coat over it. If you do not do this is rubs off VERY quickly.

OPI is my all time favorite nail polish company. They come up with the coolest collections and their nail polish is absolutely the best possible quality. This is just a great company and I highly suggest it.

Ok, so I do like Essie. It has some really cool colors. The only probl I have with them is that there colors are so sheer! Expecially the light pink ones(Which are gorgeus by the way)even after multiple coats you still get nail lines!! But they do have some vey pretty colors so I do get some of there things. I just do many layers.
-- Glitter Girl


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