Tuesday, May 29, 2012

J'adore Dior

Hey Everyone!

     Today's post is not going to be on the perfume J'adore By Dior, but it is on the brand! Sorry, I am in a french mood! Anyways, I have been in love with their eyeshadow palettes lately. They have an extremely soft, almost buttery texture to them that makes it really easy to blend.

This is the Incognito palette. If you want more of a neutral, everyday look, this is for you! The top two remind me of Samoa Silk and Ricepaper from mac, don't you think?

This is the Gris-Gris palette. From their five eyeshadow palettes, this one would be the best for a traditional smokey eye. Well, that type of look is not exactly traditional, but this would work for the average smokey eye! Plus, the black in the center adds a little bit more sparkle, and it really reminds me of black tied from mac!

Rosy Tan would be perfect for a soft look. I would put the softest brown all over the lid and then blend out the pink into the inner corner so it isn't too overwhelming.

Royal Kaki might be my new favorite! I love the soft golden undertones mixing with the steely silver grey ones. This looks like the darkest navy/black and the middle sage green are matte, so you can create depth as well.

Stylish Move is the perfect purple palette. The pink keeps it toned down while the cream color will highlight perfectly. I would love to see the darkest plum as an eyeliner smudged at the lashline. You could create a soft wash of color up to your brow bone and focus the attention to your lashline.

Bleu De Paris is the navy smokey eye palette. If you want something a little different for more of a dramatic look you want to create, this is the palette for you. Personally, I do not really like softer blues on me unless I am doing a tropical look. I would use the silver in this as a base instead of the blue.

This is the Rose Porcelain palette. If you love pink eyeshadows, this would work really well for you! I like purples, but you have to be carful with pinks because they bring out any redness in your eyes. These look like they would be more brightening, but be sure to supplement with the white just in case!

This is the Grège palette. I like this palette because they mixed the undertones in the perfect way. I would call this a jump above the neutral eye because you are experimenting with some darker colors in the palette.

Overall, I really love the Dior palettes! Tell me in the comments what your favorites are, and be sure to follow! Thanks for reading!

♥ Perfectly Pink


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