Monday, May 21, 2012

Make a Mac Palette!

So I know that awhile ago Perfectly Pink did a post on Mac blush palettes, but today I am going to talk about Mac eyeshadow Palettes! There are palettes thats contain two eyeshadows ($30.00), four eyeshadows ($53.00), and a 15 eyeshadows palette! ($188.50).
For these Mac palettes, they have ones that are already made, but the cool part is that you can customize your own! You can choose any eyeshadow they have and put it in your palette! But even though it is a bit cheaper to get it in palettes form, I always try to get it in pot form. I just think it's better to have each one in it's one little container. I still love it in palette form too though!
Mac palettes are great because it's cheaper to get them instead of in pan form, you can choose any eyeshadows to put in them, and they are perfect for someone who travels alot and doesn't want to have lots of eyeshadows moving around in her purse or makeup bag.

--Glitter Girl


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