Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer Collections!

Hey everyone!

    Remember me? I am so sorry for the lack of posts, I have been super busy lately, but now I am back! And I came with ah-mazing news, the mac summer collection is here! Okay, mac puts out interesting collections all year, but the winter and summer ones are always the best. I really want some things from these, so here is the Mac "Hey Sailor" Summer Collection!

Here is an all over view of the collection, I am so excited about it! Plus, they have a really interesting design for the packaging, it is this striped/metallic fabulousness! Yeah, I just made that a word if it isn't already.

Coral and orange bright lip colors anyone? I may have to get that bold orange in the middle, and the one next to that, and the one next to that... oh gosh, I need all of these! The summer collections always have a way of speaking straight to my wallet, telling it that one more eyeshadow will be okay. Note to self: Don't let the products go to your wallet.  That's the problem with these, colors, who could turn them down!
I admit it, one of my favorite parts about the summer collections are the bright lip colors. Summer is the perfect time to pull one off, and these lip pencils are sure to help. Even the lighter pink/nude looks like it would b perfect for layering!

So what are your favorite Mac collections? Are you obsessed with this one or any summer collections? Be sure to tell me in the comments, thanks for reading!

♥ Perfectly Pink


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