Monday, May 28, 2012

Picture Perfect!

Hello Readers!
Instead of having to go out and spend a small fortune on skin care products, use these tips and tricks at home to get clean, glowing skin!

1. Healthy, natural food is good for your skin. Try to avoid having too much junk food, because junk food is really greasy and that grease can get on your face and cause acne.
2. Try to drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. Doctors reccomend at least 8 glasses per day.
3. Exercise lots. But when you are done make sure to rinse off your face using warm water.
4. The sun is good for your skin, but not too much sun. So if you are going out into the sun for a long period of time use sunscreen with a Spf of 15 to 30.
5. If you have acne, blemishes, or dark spots, put lemon juice on them. This will clear them up.
6. Instead of having to coat on the concealer, put cucumbers over your eyes for a couple of minutes to clear up dark under eye circles.
7. Remove all makeup before going to bed.
8. Wash face using soap and warm water before bed. I suggest using Dove soap. Their soap is really gentle  on your skin but it cleans really well.
Thats it! I hope these tricks and tips help you get glowing and healthy skin!
--Glitter Girl


sarah said...

another good tip is to wash with warm water then have a quick rinse with cold water to shrink those pores!

Forever Fuschia said...

Thanks Sarah! I will try that out.
--Glitter Girl

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