Monday, April 30, 2012

Maxi Dresses

Hey everyone!

    Today I am posting on a trend that has been around for a while, and it is maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are the really long dresses that have escalated into a huge trend over the last couple of years. I was still on my search for a casual dress that was above the knee, so I must say I was not too find of these when they first came out. Then, I found myself in Macy's staring at the display of bright, colorful dresses and I just couldn't help myself.

    Long story short, I got an olive green one that was great when I wanted brighter accessories, and then one in turquoise. And that is where my story began.... I literally lived in those all summer. This was back in the day when I actually had a tan, and even though it came from ST. Tropez tanning lotion, it was still a tan! They were just so comfy and were so easy just to throw on in the morning with some strappy sandals, and I was good to go!

I had something like this, I couldn't find my old one. This one is from Forever 21, and I thought it was a great example to show how easy it is to look amazing in two minutes! The stacked bangles and wedges go perfectly with the obviously sea salt sprayed hair!

Tell me in the comments below what you think of maxi dresses, I will post an update this summer and tell you if I am still obsessed with these or not!

Thanks for reading!

♥ Perfectly Pink

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Great New Store

Hello Again!
Today I am going to tell you about this awesome new store I found out about yestarday. It's called Delias. They have the cutest clothing ever! I highly suggest going to their website and ordering a free catalog. Delias is great because they have super cute clothing, thats in style, unique, and there's something for everyone. So I thought I would show you some of my favorite items from there!
First is this adorable Ballerina Dress. It comes in many diferent patterns, and each one is super cute. This just shows that if you add a little something to a dress, it can go from casual to dressy in just minutes. Like for example the blue dress is very casual, but for the pink one they added some flowers on the front and so it's dressy.

Second is these cool lace shirts. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutey love lace. Since these shirts are super see-through you must wear a cami under it, and it would look great if you put a different colored cami under the shirt to add some contrast. This shirt also comes in lime green, red, blue, and pink.

Then third, Delia's has this adorable bathing suit collection. This one is by far my favorite out of all of them. What I love is that with all of there collections you can get any pattern on any type of bathing suit. my favorite one is the first one.

I hope you liked this post!
--Glitter Girl

Friday, April 27, 2012

Makeup Collection And Storage

Hey Everyone!

    We are super excited to show you Forever Fuchsia's makeup collection! We like to think of this as our beauty closet, we get our inspiration from these products. This is also meant to show you how it is organized! We are not trying to show off our products in any way, we love to look at makeup collection posts so we thought you might like to see ours as well!

 Here is where the magic happens! I turned an old desk into a vanity and it works out perfectly!
 This is how I store my everyday brushes! I love keeping them like this, it makes it so easy to find the one I want. If you want a detailed brush review on these, comment below!
Okay, so in the yellow basket I have pencil eyeliners. In the middle, I have my Clinique moisturizers and my sharpener. Then I took a clear container and put my mascaras, concealers, and foundations in!
 This is just some basic everyday stuff. I keep a full coverage foundation, a tinted moisturizer, and some samples.
I love this drawer. It just makes me happy to look at it! In the bottom right square, I keep my primers in it. Right above that, I have some mineralized skin finishes. On the left side, I have some skin toned powders, tinted moisturizers, and my Givenchy concealer pen.
 In this drawer, I have my eye primers, eye palettes, Benefit samples, and some paint pots. This also has some fluid lines in it.
 I guess everyone has a messy drawer, right? I have my brush belts on the bottom, and I have some false lashes on top!
 This drawer has mostly elf in it. I have a couple of stila, Bh cosmetics, and Rimmel products in it as well. It basically just has some of my favorite products in it that are all jumbled together!
This is my blush drawer! I have a mac blush palette, and some blushes in pot form.
 This has a jumble of products in it! I have some bronzers, lip products, and some nars multiples. I also have some NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils, I love those! Expect a review on those coming up soon too!

Here is my lip drawer! I love to mix lip colors so this is really fun to play around with. I use things from here daily, so this drawer is always changing.
There isn't much in here, I just keep my BH cosmetics palettes, some hair ties, and a curling iron in it! I am always switching out the stuff in here, it is more of a spare drawer.
This is my favorite part of my collection! I have been collecting for a while, plus I get a lot of my stuff from CCO's. This is actually supposed to be a nail polish rack, I just use it for my eyeshadows!

I hope you enjoyed this post, the 99th post deserves to be extra special! Feel free to comment and be sure to follow, thanks for reading!

♥ Perfectly Pink and Glitter Girl

Our 100th Post!

Hey Girlies! 

     We are so excited! We (Perfectly Pink and Glitter Girl) are super excited to announce that this is our 100th post! So in honor of this huge milestone, we have decided to show our readers probably the craziest makeup look in the history of the world. So here it goes!

 First, we started off by placing Stars and Rockets all over the lid with a 239 brush. Stars and Rockets has a beautiful sheen, every time I look at the color it looks different!
 Next, we wanted to add a pop of pink, so we added Sushi Flower to the outer corner with a 213 brush. Be sure to smudge this into the purple, the finishes of these combined are awesome!
After that, we took Deep Truth with a 217 brush and put this in your crease. Be sure to blend up, it smokes it out more, making this an even nuttier look! In a good way of course. To balance out what we are soon going to put on the waterline, we winged this color out, using it as a liner.
 Now take Lucky Green with a 266 and apply to your lower lash line. This eyeshadow has a little gold shimmer to it, making it the perfect color for this! You can wing it up just below the Deep Truth.

This is when it actually starts to look like an actual eye look. We took High Def Cyan and applied this to the waterline! It is very creamy and applied really well. To set this, we took a little of NYX's blue azure eyeshadow.

We wanted something softer for the cheeks, so we used Well Dressed blush and applied it with a 116. Be sure to blend up toward the temples, you want a much softer blush color with this strong of an eye look.
 To highlight, we took Soft and Gentle mineralized skin finish. You can apply this with a blending brush or whatever else you want to use, this can be a little more messy.
 We almost forgot the lashes! We used Benefit bad gal mascara in brown for this look, we wanted to tone down the lashes a little.
 We wanted a pink/red for the lips, so we grabbed BH cosmetics raspberry lip liner. It is a bright pink that can be toned down and blended out.

 Then we dabbed a little of Clinique's Chunky Cherry chubby stick on top. We blended this all out to make it more natural.
These are the brushes we used. From left to right, here are the numbers: 266, 217, 239, 213, 116.

We tested it out and we LOVE it!
This proves that the water-lining technique works on all eye shapes, and you can do it with tons of colors!

I hope you enjoyed our 100th post, this means a lot to us. We would like to give a huge thanks to our followers and our supporters, you keep us going! Without you, this 100th post would not be possible. Hopefully this will be a start to many more milestones!

♥ Glitter Girl and Perfectly Pink

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Everyday Look

On the weekends I always try out some new looks. But for school, I always tend to play it safe and only go for super natural looking stuff. So today I thought I would show you my everyday look for school.

First I put my favorite eyeshadow called Yogurt from Mac all over the lid. This is my favorite because it's really natural but it warms up your eyes and it looks really good.

Then I put on some black mascara. This looks really good because it contrasts with the pale pink eyeshadow. It really pops out. I don't always do this everyday though. This isn't the one I currently use, but if you are going to try this look I would suggest using Mac's Studio Fix Lash Mascara. I really want to try out this Mascara.

Mac Studio Fix Lash - Black FixFinally I always use my all time favorite lipgloss Pop from Smashbox. If you've read my other posts you know that I can go on and on about Smashbox. Don't even get me started on here... But Pop is great because it's really natural it just gives you lips a more glossy look with a little sparkle it's perefct for school. But if you want to go for a more girly look, I would use the lipgloss Afterglow. It has more sparkles and it's pinker too.

I hope you like this post! Please comment and follow our blog!
--Glitter Girl

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chunky Belts

Hey everyone!

     I am really excited to share my latest obsession with you: Chunky Belts! I love to use them to dress up a basic shirt, they work for so many outfits. Whether it is to add the finishing touch or the main focus, these are my favorites!

I love the layering that they used on this. Plus, the braided background is great when you want a touch more detail!

Okay, this one is... well... different! I think the basic knot on such a large belt is super chic, and it is that perfect staple that you need in your closet!

If you are looking for an easy way to add a little color to your outfit, here it is! The olive combined with the teal is the perfect way to add a splash of color to any ensemble!

This may be a bit much, but if you want your belt to be the main focus, then it is perfect! The large flowers will add a whimsical spin to your plain shirt or dress.

I hope you enjoyed, tell me in the comments if you are loving or hating the wide belt trend! We are thinking about doing a Forever Fuchsia beauty closet and storage post, would you be interested? Thanks for reading!

♥ Perfectly Pink

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Paint Pots

Hey Everyone!

     Today I am really excited to share with you one of my favorite products from mac: Paint Pots! Paint pots are cream eyeshadows that are amazing bases for many looks. These are perfect to put down first just for color or to prime your eyes. Let's get started!

Here is an overview of my favorite paint pots! I chose my top six because I wanted to provide options! Some of them are limited edition, I just wanted to introduce the products and show how great they are!

The first one is my most used one. This is bare study paint pot, and it is a light beige with a gold sheen. This goes on as a really soft gold, and can easily be blended out or packed on for different effects. This makes the perfect lid color!
 Next is Nubile paint pot. Nubile was limited edition but it may still be available at some stores or counters. This works really well for pink looks, it runs around a pink/orange. 
 Rubenesque is one of Mac's best sellers. It is described as a golden peach with a gold pearl. How pretty is that? This works well on its own as well as a base.
 Let's Skate is a soft pink with glitter! This is gold glitter that applies evenly and is perfect when you want something extra but not too extreme!
 Treasure hunt is a softly frosted yellow with a hint of gold. The gold only adds a little sheen, and its works really well if you want to warm up your eye look! I love using this as a base for tropical looks.

Imaginary is a navy with a purple pearl. This is amazing for a smoky eye or just as a liner! This is easily blended out, so you can make it is light or dark as you want.

Thanks for reading, be sure to follow and comment!

♥ Perfectly Pink

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! In honor of Earth day I came up with some Earth Day inspired nails! If you want to learn how, then read on! For this you will need orange, blue, green, and yellow nail polish. Sorry the pictures are so blurry, I don't know what happened.

First take an earthy color. It can be a light blue or a light green. Paint that color on every nail.
Now the first design is flowers.

For this you can take a Sally Hanson nail art pen (they work the best)and draw little flowers on every other nail. If you want, you can do each flower a different color, or do a different flower each time! I don't now if I know that many different types of flowers though...

So after you have done that, take out a yellow nail polish. Dip a q-tip into it, and then make a small cirlce on your nail. Then dip it into the nail polish again, and do sticks sticking out of the circle. Then I suggest filling in the circle with yellow. if you haven't already guessed, it's a sun.

This next step is a little tricky. Make sure the yellow is pretty dry, they dip another q-tip into some orange nail polish. Then do an orange polka dots on the sun if you want.

I hope you like your Earth Day Nails! Be sure to follow our blog and comment!

--Glitter Girl

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