Sunday, April 1, 2012

Soft Curls

Hey everyone!

I found a cool trick with your hair. It is a mix in between the celebrity waves and curls! It is really cute and fast, I can do it in about three minutes!

So I start off by doing a few curls on each side. I love to use a curling iron with an inch barrel. It gives it the perfect tighter curl. You start up at the top and then loosen the clamp until you are at the end of the hair. It will give you the perfect tight curl every time.

After you curl the pieces you want, let them cool down. I let mine sit for about a minute. Then I used a comb hat did not have a ton of teeth in it and lightly brushed through it. It gave me the perfect waves!

I hope you enjoyed this post on my new go to hairstyle! I go back and fourth in between this and straight. Here is the curling iron I use! Thanks for reading!

Perfectly pink


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