Saturday, April 14, 2012

Not So Neon

Hey everyone!

    One of my latest posts was on how to wear colored eyeshadows tastefully. Now I am going the other way, I have been loving neutrals! Some neutral colors have very interesting tints to them, there are so many ways you can wear them! A while back I did a post featuring my favorite neutrals from mac, and I still love those, this is going to be on how to spice up any basic neutral eye!

     If I could have one color to use, it would have to be a brown with a little shimmer. When creating a look for the eyes, depth is essential. This will work as a crease color, outer corner, and even as a liner is you want to smudge it. Both Patina or Bronze from mac cosmetics would work for this, they both have a frost finish which means that they have a little bit of shimmer in it, which ends up looking like a soft sheen when blended. Here I have patina, one of my favorite natural browns.

If you want more of a smokey effect, that works well on all eye colors. Take a 239 mac brush and stipple patina all over your lid. Then take a 217 and using small circular motions, blend mystery eyeshadow into your crease. This looks amazing if you smudge a bit onto your outer corner, just be sure to blend!

    When you are creating a look, you want a balance. Obviously make sure it is even of both sides, but a balance between shadows and light. Any area that you naturally see a shadow, like the hollow of your cheekbone. For more on contouring the face, check out my last post!

Last but not least, light is just as important. I would go with something that has a hint of shimmer in it. I love mac's Crystal Avalanche, it has a light pearl to it that looks amazing in the inner corners of your eyes and as a "spotlight" highlight in the center of your lid. You could also use this to highlight the brow bone if you want a lifted affect.

I hope you enjoyed this basic neutral eye that can be super natural or smokey depending on how much product you apply! This look is very versatile, you can never have enough neutrals! At least that is what I keep telling myself as an excuse for another trip to the mac counter...

Keep a look out for a brush basics post, along with a water pollution awareness post. Feel free to comment me any post ideas, thanks for reading!

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