Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Everyday Look

On the weekends I always try out some new looks. But for school, I always tend to play it safe and only go for super natural looking stuff. So today I thought I would show you my everyday look for school.

First I put my favorite eyeshadow called Yogurt from Mac all over the lid. This is my favorite because it's really natural but it warms up your eyes and it looks really good.

Then I put on some black mascara. This looks really good because it contrasts with the pale pink eyeshadow. It really pops out. I don't always do this everyday though. This isn't the one I currently use, but if you are going to try this look I would suggest using Mac's Studio Fix Lash Mascara. I really want to try out this Mascara.

Mac Studio Fix Lash - Black FixFinally I always use my all time favorite lipgloss Pop from Smashbox. If you've read my other posts you know that I can go on and on about Smashbox. Don't even get me started on here... But Pop is great because it's really natural it just gives you lips a more glossy look with a little sparkle it's perefct for school. But if you want to go for a more girly look, I would use the lipgloss Afterglow. It has more sparkles and it's pinker too.

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--Glitter Girl


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