Friday, April 27, 2012

Our 100th Post!

Hey Girlies! 

     We are so excited! We (Perfectly Pink and Glitter Girl) are super excited to announce that this is our 100th post! So in honor of this huge milestone, we have decided to show our readers probably the craziest makeup look in the history of the world. So here it goes!

 First, we started off by placing Stars and Rockets all over the lid with a 239 brush. Stars and Rockets has a beautiful sheen, every time I look at the color it looks different!
 Next, we wanted to add a pop of pink, so we added Sushi Flower to the outer corner with a 213 brush. Be sure to smudge this into the purple, the finishes of these combined are awesome!
After that, we took Deep Truth with a 217 brush and put this in your crease. Be sure to blend up, it smokes it out more, making this an even nuttier look! In a good way of course. To balance out what we are soon going to put on the waterline, we winged this color out, using it as a liner.
 Now take Lucky Green with a 266 and apply to your lower lash line. This eyeshadow has a little gold shimmer to it, making it the perfect color for this! You can wing it up just below the Deep Truth.

This is when it actually starts to look like an actual eye look. We took High Def Cyan and applied this to the waterline! It is very creamy and applied really well. To set this, we took a little of NYX's blue azure eyeshadow.

We wanted something softer for the cheeks, so we used Well Dressed blush and applied it with a 116. Be sure to blend up toward the temples, you want a much softer blush color with this strong of an eye look.
 To highlight, we took Soft and Gentle mineralized skin finish. You can apply this with a blending brush or whatever else you want to use, this can be a little more messy.
 We almost forgot the lashes! We used Benefit bad gal mascara in brown for this look, we wanted to tone down the lashes a little.
 We wanted a pink/red for the lips, so we grabbed BH cosmetics raspberry lip liner. It is a bright pink that can be toned down and blended out.

 Then we dabbed a little of Clinique's Chunky Cherry chubby stick on top. We blended this all out to make it more natural.
These are the brushes we used. From left to right, here are the numbers: 266, 217, 239, 213, 116.

We tested it out and we LOVE it!
This proves that the water-lining technique works on all eye shapes, and you can do it with tons of colors!

I hope you enjoyed our 100th post, this means a lot to us. We would like to give a huge thanks to our followers and our supporters, you keep us going! Without you, this 100th post would not be possible. Hopefully this will be a start to many more milestones!

♥ Glitter Girl and Perfectly Pink


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