Sunday, April 8, 2012

Switch It!

Hey everyone!

     Happy Easter! I was doing a fun look for Easter, and realized it was time. Not time to deep clean all of my brushes, not time to reorganize my closet, but it was time to switch out my foundation! I have been using studio sculpt for the winter, and it has a very thick, full coverage consistency. I mainly use it as a concealer and then blend the rest of it out where I need it. Now I need a lighter coverage, so this is what I will be using next!

Now I need something with a decent amount of coverage but will help with my changing skin tone as I get more tan. This is why I am switching to the Matchmaster foundation from mac! It will change according to your skin's pigmentation, and it has a much lighter coverage. It is also buildable, so you have more control of where you want more or less foundation.

I hope you enjoyed, I will do another foundation update soon! Thanks for reading!

~perfectly pink


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