Friday, April 6, 2012

Viva Glam

Nicki Minaj (that famous rapper) and Ricki Martin (a former pop star) have made a lipstick, and lip conditioner for MAC Cosmetics.

Nicki made the listick, and she made it her signature pink color, and Ricky Martin made the clear lip conditioner.
These items came out on February 15, and the Lipstick costs 14.50, and the lip conditioner is 15.00. The profits will go towards helping men and women with AIDS.

I think I will get this and try it out, although I don't know what I could wear the lipstick to. It's definetly not appropriate for school, and anyways, I prefer ligloss for school. But it could be fun for the weekends, or if you are in a show. Or, if you feel like dressing up like Nick Minaj for a day... Also, the conditioner would make a great lipstick base.

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--Glitter Girl


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