Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fishtail Braids!

My favorite thing to do with my hair is a fishtail braid! They are gorgeous! So, here are some instructions on how to do a fishtail braid.
First, Put your hair in a low pony tail, and use an elastic you don't really care about. You can do it in the back or on eitehr side, it doesn't really matter.

Second, split your pony tail into two parts. Keep them seperate, but hold both sides in one hand.

Third, choose one side, then take a bit of hair from the far end of that side, and bring it over to the other half of hair. Ok, now your must do that do the other side!
Now repeat, until the braid gets as long as you want it.
Now, tie an elastic at the bottom of the braid to hold it in place, and cut the elastic at the top of the braid.
Enjoy your fishtail braid!

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--Glitter Girl


Anonymous said...

i really liked how you explained the fishtail! i was wondering if i could use your last 3 pics for my blog. I'll give u credit for it but I'm doing a fishtail post on my blog and i just wanted a picture.
thanks! :)

Forever Fuschia said...

As long as you give us credit you are more than welcome to use them!

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