Sunday, April 22, 2012

Paint Pots

Hey Everyone!

     Today I am really excited to share with you one of my favorite products from mac: Paint Pots! Paint pots are cream eyeshadows that are amazing bases for many looks. These are perfect to put down first just for color or to prime your eyes. Let's get started!

Here is an overview of my favorite paint pots! I chose my top six because I wanted to provide options! Some of them are limited edition, I just wanted to introduce the products and show how great they are!

The first one is my most used one. This is bare study paint pot, and it is a light beige with a gold sheen. This goes on as a really soft gold, and can easily be blended out or packed on for different effects. This makes the perfect lid color!
 Next is Nubile paint pot. Nubile was limited edition but it may still be available at some stores or counters. This works really well for pink looks, it runs around a pink/orange. 
 Rubenesque is one of Mac's best sellers. It is described as a golden peach with a gold pearl. How pretty is that? This works well on its own as well as a base.
 Let's Skate is a soft pink with glitter! This is gold glitter that applies evenly and is perfect when you want something extra but not too extreme!
 Treasure hunt is a softly frosted yellow with a hint of gold. The gold only adds a little sheen, and its works really well if you want to warm up your eye look! I love using this as a base for tropical looks.

Imaginary is a navy with a purple pearl. This is amazing for a smoky eye or just as a liner! This is easily blended out, so you can make it is light or dark as you want.

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♥ Perfectly Pink


Emily Harper said...

Thanks for this review. I have been thinking about buying these for ages. Love your blog.

Forever Fuschia said...

Thanks Emily! I love paint pots, I would highly recommend them! Thanks for reading!

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