Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Water Pollution

Hey everyone!

     We want to address an issue in a post that we feel very strongly about. This issue is water pollution, and we think we have a solution to this! We are working on a project and our goal is to come up with a solution, and ours focuses on chemical pollution. We did some research, and it shows that one of the main water polluters is chemicals found in cleaning products. This is such an easy fix, but the problem is the eco-friendly cleaning products are much more expensive then the regular ones. We made a line of eco-friendly cleaning products that are a lot less expensive, and use natural ingredients!

Right next to the large product is the samples that we gave to our teacher!

     So the reason we did cleaning products is because it was the best starting place for us. We are thinking about making a prototype line of skin care products and even some hair products, we can not wait for that!

     These are just the basics, and we added some natural items from the outdoors to make them small pretty good! This explains the floating leaves and flower petals...

All Purpose Cleaner

This product contains the amazing sent of catmint, and it works! It gives a light wash while buffing away any stains. One amazing thing about these products is that they are much cheaper than the leading brands! For instance, the all purpose cleaner would cost 0.78, and we would still get a profit. The leading brand's price is 2 dollars.

Dishwasher Soap

Two words. Major Bubbles. This Dishwasher Soap works just as well as the leading brands!
 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

We had to test this one out a lot, because it sadly kept exploding on us.  Just as a warning, never mix a cup of vinegar and a cup of baking soda in a small bowl. It doesn't end well. We did make it work though!
 Window Cleaner

Our window cleaner has our fresh catmint scent, and it is very effective.
 Oven Cleaner

This has salt particles inside to "exfoliate" any harsh stains in your oven!
 Brush Cleanser

This is comparable to mac's quality. We actually made our own brush shampoo with some eco-friendly products, so it works as a spot cleaner too! You may think that there are chemicals in it, but that scent is a conditioner for the brush fibers.

We would like to thank our amazing teacher for helping us with this, we can honestly say that we have never felt this strongly about a cause, or had this much fun with a project!   Thank you for showing us that there is more to life then the latest mac collection or a new line of hair products, we can make room for eco-friendly products on that list! Thanks for reading, and feel free to ask us any questions in the comments!

♥ Glitter Girl and Perfectly Pink


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