Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hot Hot Hot Hot Pink!

In my nail polish collection, I have waaaaay too many dull colors. Infact, I don't really have any super bright nail polish at all. So, for the past week or so I have been on the hunt to find a super bright hot pink, and believe it or not, OPI doesn't have what I'm looking for. I also checked out Essie, but that didn't have it either. Then, amazingly I think I found it. It's from a company I haven't really ever heard of before. It's from New York Nails.
I think it would be perfect if it was only a little lighter. It's too dark. But then I also found this one.But the issue is, I want it to be lighter!
But then, I decided to look at the OPI website one more time, and I think I found it!
 Its called Paz-itively Hot Bright Pink. It doesn't look very bright in the picture, but the name of it says it's bright, so I hope it ends up super bright on my nails, but I'll have to wait and see. If you have any suggestions, please comment and tell me!
Bye for now!
--Glitter Girl


Eyes2theSky said...

I was just looking at all of the Essie pinks myself :) I know sometimes we get really brand loyal when it comes to our polish, but if you'd like to give Essie a try- Bachelorette Bash, Mob Square, and Tour de Finance are all really pretty, bold pinks! My two cents- Haha!

Love your blog girls,


Forever Fuschia said...

Thank you! I will be sure to check them out!
--Glitter Girl

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