Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vintage Shorts

I found the cutest shorts at target on my last trip. I know It is not the fanciest store, but come on, everyone loves target. The vintage floral prints are coming back, and I cannot wait to share it with you! In this look, I have a basic white tee, vintage shorts, and some brown ballet flats.
Here are the shoes! These are from Born, and they are a basic leather ballet flat. The small flowers on the toe give it the extra edge that works perfectly with the shorts without being too preppy. I wear these with just about anything!

This is the actual outfit. The navy shorts have these adorable burgundy and light pink flowers on it that give it a very vintage look. It came with this tan leather belt that has small circles with gold dots in the middle. I decided to add gold and burgundy jewelry. I really like the simplicity of the white shirt with this, the small pocket off to the side is the perfect touch.
 Here is a close up of the belt and shorts. I thought these were so cute they deserved their own close up!
I chose two burgundy and gold bangles and one gold bangle for the bracelets in this look. I also added the long drop earrings that were from my forever 21 haul!
This is the makeup look I would wear with this. I made this picture bigger so you all could see everything! I have two nail polishes that could go with this, a teal and the olive gold. I have mac well dressed blush and gold deposit mineralized skin finish to go over that for a light shimmer. Then I have amber lights and juxt eyeshadows by mac for the eye look, mac fascinating eyeliner (the white to line the waterline, making the eyes look bigger.) and urban decay stash. For the lips I used creamcup lipstick and enchantee lip glaze from mac as well.

There is my quick spring fashion inspiration! Be sure to follow and comment!

~Perfectly Pink

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Light Wash Denim + Floral Lace!

       I have been playing around with the new goodies I got from Forever 21 and put together an outfit for you! I have two different shoe inspirations, jewelry, and the outfit itself! I hope you enjoy and let's get started!

Here are the shoes!
I have two shoe choices for you to choose from. I have the edgy black heels  by Vince Camuto which are great to dress up the outfit a little more and add some spunk! Plus I have the tan gladiators by Steve Madden that throw a fun jolt of spring!

Here is my main outfit. I paired the floral lace shirt with a mint green thick strap cami underneath. I also put this with light wash jeans. I think that more people should try and rock the light wash look for jeans, when paired with a darker top, it can really have an interesting effect.

You can faintly see the bracelet off to the side, I will show a close up of the jewelry next!

I picked dangly silver earrings to go with this and a stone bracelet to finish off the look. I love the contrast between the top and the earrings, it really gives it the extra statement needed to get a nice balance.

I would keep and makeup a softer look, maybe light pinks! I would love to see this paired with a shimmery neutral look with a small amount of a bright pink blush applied with a very light hand. This outfit can be adjusted in many ways, I think these are great basics to head into the spring season with!
Feel free to comment and be sure to follow! We ♥ You!

~Perfectly Pink

Another Spring Outfit Idea!

Here's another spring outfit idea! The only thing I might change to the outfit is make the jeans either tighter, or shorter. Than this oufit would be perfect! Comment and tell me what you think.
--Glitter Girl ♥

Monday, February 27, 2012

Nail Crazy!

I am one of the worlds biggest hair and nail polish lovers. So today I am going to talk about nail polish.

Most of my nail polish is from either OPI or Elf. My favorite colors to paint my nails are pink, fuchsia, or red.
 But right now I am wearing bright blue nail polish. I am always changing my nail color because I think that once nail polish starts to chip off, it doesn't look very good.  About three months ago though, I got bored of just wearing plain colors, so I went to CVS and got a  light pink nail art pen from the company Sally Hanson.

What you do is after you paint your nails, you must wait for your nails to dry, then you draw on your nails using this pen. The effect is very cool! The only complaint I have is that it's very hard to get to work. Otherwise, it's great. Heres a picture of nails after using the nail art pen.
Bye for now!
--Glitter Girl

Beauty Basics

Excitement is the perfect ingredient to a recipe of success. Wow, that sounds like a quote. I am not really a quote person, but people can change! All I know is I am very excited to do this post, and that will hopefully make it a successful one! Every girl loves to play with makeup. Finally, when the mother usually gives the go ahead nod to them, they get to wear a little. That usually turns into a little more, and then a little more. My obsession has grown full blast, and there comes the point where I look in the mirror and see my tropical smokey eyes that I realize I kind of skipped over the neutral looks. This is where my story begins...

So I went straight for the bold looks. I only do these on the weekends when I have some extra time. I love a yellow base with smoked out teal in the crease and a dollop of green in the outer corner. Somehow, when you blend it enough, it just works. But now, I really want to experiment with some more natural, wearable looks. I would recommend mac to start off with, it is a high quality brand and you still can have the experience of going to a mac counter and having so much fun! Mac cosmetics can also be purchased online. Let's start in!
This was one of my first mac eyeshadows! That goes for all of these but I really want to go "awww!" when I see these! This is romp, by mac. It is a shimmery brown laced with a golden sheen. This works really well in the crease!

This is All That Glitters by mac. All That Glitters is a bestseller so it is a must have to pick up. It makes the perfect all over lid color for just about any neutral look! I love putting this together with Romp because of their similar finishes.

You are probably thinking "PURPLE?" Yes, I know, it seems very bold for a starter kit but this really applies nicely and is a sheer purple with a sofa golden glitter to it called Trax. This was my very first mac eyeshadow, and my mac artist/idol picked it out for me. She made it look so tasteful my mom let me get it, and Trax and I are still great friends today.

Blanc Type (yes, that is how it is spelled!) is a must have for any kit. It is a matte color which means that there is no shimmer. This makes it excellent for highlighting the brow bone and can even be used as a cheek highlighter! This is also a great basic for all over the lid because it is really natural.
Next are the swatches of the colors. It is blanc type, romp, all that glitters, and trax.

Oh, and I am wearing the olive nail polish you saw in my last haul!

Remember to experiment and have fun with it! These are my basic four eyeshadows to start a collection, be sure to tell me if you want more of these "beauty basics" posts!

And just to show you what my mac eyeshadow collection looks like, here it is! Every color of the rainbow! This is my collection so that is my excuse! I have paint pots on the right, shadows everywhere, two palettes, and my blush basics palette! Hope you enjoyed and be sure to comment/follow!

We ♥ you!

~Perfectly Pink

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Fashion!!

     I was watching the Oscars, and I absolutely love Emma Stone's dress. I want it for myself!
I loved the giant bow on her shoulder and I thought the color red was very pretty on here. Jennifer Lopez's dress was also one of my favorites.

 The sparkles were gorgeus. 
 But everyone was saying how much they loved Michelle Williams dress.

                                             I didn't really like it. I guess it just wasn't my style.
     The funniest part of the red carpet was when a comedian dressed up as dictador, and poured pancake mix over the person who he as talking to. He said it was the ashes of his old friend. Then the security guards carried him away. The interviewer had to do the rest of the interviews in a bunch of pancake mix!
Bye for now,
--Glitter Girl

Awesome Spring Outfit!

I love this outfit and it is perfect for spring! The shirt is from Forever 21.  Comment and tell me what you think!
-- Glitter Girl♥

Colorful Hair

       I was reading a magazine, and it showed pictures of celebrities who dyed their hair crazy colors. The images included Katy Perry, who dyed her hair blue, Dakota Fanning, who dyed the bottom half of her hair bright pink, and Selena Gomez, who got purple and blue extensions in her hair:


The extensions look very cool when you put your hair up in a bun or pony tail. It will look like you have stripes of colored hair.  But, when you dye all of your hair it looks awesome, because it's really unique, and it will definitely get people to notice you. Like today I noticed a teenager who died his hair bright purple, but his bangs were hot pink.

Feel free to comment and tell us what you think.

--Glitter Girl

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Forever 21 Haul


I am super excited! 

I placed an order with one of my favorite stores, Forever 21, which just came in today! I am so excited to share my treasures with you! Okay, enough exclamation marks. I took pictures of everything and will show you what I got!

The first shirt I got just may be my favorite. This floral lace shirt will go great with my light wash denim shorts I got, and is perfect to spring into spring! I love the attention to detail they gave this by combining the print with the lace. This shirt will give you that sophisticated pop to any drab pants/shorts that need  perk up!
The next thing I got is this light brown belt. It has black flowers running through it and also has some designs that go alined with the tribal trend. I am going to wear this with some indigo skinny jeans and a bright color pop kind of shirt, maybe I should go orange?

Next I got this brown leather bracelet with three adorable flowers on it! I am going to wear this with a pink shirt you will see later, drop earrings also shown later, and some jeggings. I also have some brown leather flats that will go nicely with this.

Here are the earrings! They have a small stone at the end of it, maybe a cat's eye inspired? I will wear these with the chunky floral bracelet. I love the combo of the two together, it just makes the whole outfit! 

 I must admit, there is not an excuse for these. I typically use my "Say yes to cucumbers" wipes to clean my face when I need to get any face makeup off, but I am tired of having to go in with two or three other cleansers to finish the job. I guess that could be my excuse? Anyways, I need something that will do a decent job of getting face and eye makeup off, and even when I have nothing on, it is always nice to have a go to cleansing wipe. Review coming soon!

Bobby pins are becoming a nightmare for me! I loose them so often, I am all out! Who knows, I may find them stashes in one of my cat's secret hiding places someday! Sadly for now, my hair is always going to get out of place, and there is the need for my new best friend. I think you get 25 for a dollar, not bad at all! plus, they are very large which will hold my wavy, easily tangled hair up nicely!

 I have way too many addictions when it comes to anything beauty and fashion, so when I see super cheap nail polish that is super cheap and opaque, I have to get it. If you know me well, you know that you will never see me without my nails painted. Without nail polish, I feel like I don't have my armor on or something. It would be like me walking around without at least a dozen pictures of my cat on me or something. It just can't happen. I picked up the strangest, most beautiful olive green with topaz shimmer and a bright, shimmering fuchsia! Hello, glitter.
Next on my list was hair ties. These have the little metal pieces which I do not love, but they still get the job done. I will test these out and see if they snag my hair, but they look pretty good! These will be nice to reach for when I need to get my hair up.
Okay, I do not need these, but who could resist them? Anything candy related and my sweet tooth takes over, even when I am shopping! I think I paid around five dollars for these and they actually did a really nice job. Compared to the thirty dollar price tags stuck on earbuds at target, these were a great deal.
Jeggings! I am addicted, and these were super cheap, so I had to pick up two pairs. One is in a deep indigo wash, and the other is in black. They look a lot skinnier on and stretch pretty well to. I will be wearing these soon!

Jean shorts are what I mostly live in on those lazy days. I have way too much dark wash stuff already, and even though the dark wash is probably more updated, I love pairing darker tops with a lighter wash jean.

This bright pink shirt has the most adorable lace sleeves! I tried to get a close up picture but that did not work out too well... at least you can see the color! It has somewhat of a bat-winged sleeve so it is very boho-chic. I will pair this with the jewelry that I got and my indigo jeggings. This would be adorable on the weekends with some brown wedges! I have a brown leather wedge with an amber/bronze rope design around the edge. Can not wait to wear them with this!

I am loving this teal pop of color for hair accessories! I am going to wear my hair in huge wavy curls and tease it so my hair is super full and shape it around this! The flower adds a nice tough without going too overboard because it is fairly small in size. Ah-dorable!

And last but not least, I have this love and beauty mascara. I tend to go with Mac for any cosmetic products, overall I think it is the best brand. I heard that this mascara is comparable to Mac's plushlash, a great Thickining mascara. I thought it would be okay, but nothing compared to my Mac go to items. I am not impresses with the price slapped on Mac's mascara's, $18.00. Even drugstore products are getting pricey. When I tried this for the first time, I was shocked. It is the most natural Thickining mascara I have ever tried! It gave me the "doll eyes" I adore in one coat. I don't know, this may be a new lifetime favorite in the making! Oh, and at the price of $2.80, who could resist it? I would highly recommend this to anyone who has medium to long lashes in length.

Sorry for such a long post, I need to stop writing now! My fingers are protesting with every letter that I type, so this is goodbye for now! I will post again very very soon, keep checking back! Be sure to follow and comment, I hope you enjoyed!
~Perfectly Treated With Shopping Goodies, and Perfectly Pink!

The New "it" Color?

I am sitting on my couch, enjoying my Saturday, looking at the newest trends, things to do, hairstyles I have to try, and my cat that needs her belly rub. What else is new, right? Right now, I can tell you what I am seeing, and that is bunches of orange. Don't get me wrong, the color is happy and cheerful enough, but come on, orange? As I started thinking about why this seems to be so huge, I figured out that this may be just what this season needs. I feel like it used to be every fashion show I watched, you would see beautiful designs of all sorts, but they needed to expand their color palette. I may be contemplating the use of the statement color but with just the right shade, I think it could work.

A great way to start is to wear a red/orange color. This works for most skin tones because it provides the color pop needed without becoming too neon. I found a beautiful shirt by Ralph Lauren on Nordstrom online...

This bright orange coral gives the look a sophisticated pop of color without going overboard. Because spring is coming, you can get away with brighter colors. I would wear silver with this to balance out the bright warm tone with some cool tones jewelry. This can be paired with jeans or worn loose with jeggings, you could even knot the ends of the blouse as shown in my last post!

Be sure to follow and comment below, we love hearing from you! Tell me if you are going to try this trend and how it works out for you. Thanks for reading!

~ Perfectly, um Orange?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome To Forever Fuchsia!

Hello Readers!

Welcome to our new fashion blog, forever fuchsia! On this blog, we will be writing about everything from fashion must-haves, beauty bits, and the latest looks the celebrities are rocking! We can not wait to start in, so be sure to check back and see the latest posts. If you have an account, be sure to follow our blog! Instead of doing a long introduction to our blog, I would love to start off with my very first post! Because my friend and I are both blogging on this, we are both going to use the same user account to make things a lot easier for the both of us! Because spring is near, I think it would be best to start off with a closet update and show you all some really great deals!

I adore Forever 21. I tend to wear my clothes for the season needed and unless I have some attachment to it, there it goes. Shoes however, are a completely different story. I prefere to spend a little more on shoes because I have certain types that I just keep going back to, making it unnecessary to toss them when I get the urge to go on a shopping blowout! Holding on to the classics and basics goes for any category, it is those pieces that catch your eye and are impossible to say no to! Sadly, that happens to be my greatest weakness. So when I want to take an adventure and get the thrill of a new purchase, Forever 21 it is.

And that brings me to my next point of the season's new must have! I must take it one piece per post. Apparently, a basic shirt has turned into a wild trend by knotting the ends of a shirt together. This look can be worn in a very casual and comfy style by pairing it with some dark wash denim shorts. I would recommend keeping the look casual by waring some chunky wooden bangles and maybe a small hoop earring to top the look off. This can also be used by wearing it with a thin pencil skirt and wedges. Oh, and the best part? It is only $17.80 where it can be found up to $80 at other stores!

I love how simple yet classy this looks. The yellow pop of color in the earrings puts an interesting twist on the outfit while the wedges keep the outfit from going overboard. I would add a cami under the shirt because I am not loving the whole "everything needs to be shorter/tighter" trend, thank you very much.

So the next time you are wearing a blouse and want to put a spin on it, tie the ends. Be sure to comment below and tell us about your favorite shopping spree moments, trends, and anything else that is needed! Thanks for reading!

~perfectly pink

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Hey, Welcome to Forever Fuchsia!!! This is our first official post ever!We will talk about fashion, hair, lipgloss,etc. Be sure to check back for some awesome posts and feel free to comment!

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