Monday, February 27, 2012

Nail Crazy!

I am one of the worlds biggest hair and nail polish lovers. So today I am going to talk about nail polish.

Most of my nail polish is from either OPI or Elf. My favorite colors to paint my nails are pink, fuchsia, or red.
 But right now I am wearing bright blue nail polish. I am always changing my nail color because I think that once nail polish starts to chip off, it doesn't look very good.  About three months ago though, I got bored of just wearing plain colors, so I went to CVS and got a  light pink nail art pen from the company Sally Hanson.

What you do is after you paint your nails, you must wait for your nails to dry, then you draw on your nails using this pen. The effect is very cool! The only complaint I have is that it's very hard to get to work. Otherwise, it's great. Heres a picture of nails after using the nail art pen.
Bye for now!
--Glitter Girl


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