Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome To Forever Fuchsia!

Hello Readers!

Welcome to our new fashion blog, forever fuchsia! On this blog, we will be writing about everything from fashion must-haves, beauty bits, and the latest looks the celebrities are rocking! We can not wait to start in, so be sure to check back and see the latest posts. If you have an account, be sure to follow our blog! Instead of doing a long introduction to our blog, I would love to start off with my very first post! Because my friend and I are both blogging on this, we are both going to use the same user account to make things a lot easier for the both of us! Because spring is near, I think it would be best to start off with a closet update and show you all some really great deals!

I adore Forever 21. I tend to wear my clothes for the season needed and unless I have some attachment to it, there it goes. Shoes however, are a completely different story. I prefere to spend a little more on shoes because I have certain types that I just keep going back to, making it unnecessary to toss them when I get the urge to go on a shopping blowout! Holding on to the classics and basics goes for any category, it is those pieces that catch your eye and are impossible to say no to! Sadly, that happens to be my greatest weakness. So when I want to take an adventure and get the thrill of a new purchase, Forever 21 it is.

And that brings me to my next point of the season's new must have! I must take it one piece per post. Apparently, a basic shirt has turned into a wild trend by knotting the ends of a shirt together. This look can be worn in a very casual and comfy style by pairing it with some dark wash denim shorts. I would recommend keeping the look casual by waring some chunky wooden bangles and maybe a small hoop earring to top the look off. This can also be used by wearing it with a thin pencil skirt and wedges. Oh, and the best part? It is only $17.80 where it can be found up to $80 at other stores!

I love how simple yet classy this looks. The yellow pop of color in the earrings puts an interesting twist on the outfit while the wedges keep the outfit from going overboard. I would add a cami under the shirt because I am not loving the whole "everything needs to be shorter/tighter" trend, thank you very much.

So the next time you are wearing a blouse and want to put a spin on it, tie the ends. Be sure to comment below and tell us about your favorite shopping spree moments, trends, and anything else that is needed! Thanks for reading!

~perfectly pink

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