Monday, February 27, 2012

Beauty Basics

Excitement is the perfect ingredient to a recipe of success. Wow, that sounds like a quote. I am not really a quote person, but people can change! All I know is I am very excited to do this post, and that will hopefully make it a successful one! Every girl loves to play with makeup. Finally, when the mother usually gives the go ahead nod to them, they get to wear a little. That usually turns into a little more, and then a little more. My obsession has grown full blast, and there comes the point where I look in the mirror and see my tropical smokey eyes that I realize I kind of skipped over the neutral looks. This is where my story begins...

So I went straight for the bold looks. I only do these on the weekends when I have some extra time. I love a yellow base with smoked out teal in the crease and a dollop of green in the outer corner. Somehow, when you blend it enough, it just works. But now, I really want to experiment with some more natural, wearable looks. I would recommend mac to start off with, it is a high quality brand and you still can have the experience of going to a mac counter and having so much fun! Mac cosmetics can also be purchased online. Let's start in!

This was one of my first mac eyeshadows! That goes for all of these but I really want to go "awww!" when I see these! This is romp, by mac. It is a shimmery brown laced with a golden sheen. This works really well in the crease!

This is All That Glitters by mac. All That Glitters is a bestseller so it is a must have to pick up. It makes the perfect all over lid color for just about any neutral look! I love putting this together with Romp because of their similar finishes.

You are probably thinking "PURPLE?" Yes, I know, it seems very bold for a starter kit but this really applies nicely and is a sheer purple with a sofa golden glitter to it called Trax. This was my very first mac eyeshadow, and my mac artist/idol picked it out for me. She made it look so tasteful my mom let me get it, and Trax and I are still great friends today.

Blanc Type (yes, that is how it is spelled!) is a must have for any kit. It is a matte color which means that there is no shimmer. This makes it excellent for highlighting the brow bone and can even be used as a cheek highlighter! This is also a great basic for all over the lid because it is really natural.
Next are the swatches of the colors. It is blanc type, romp, all that glitters, and trax.

Oh, and I am wearing the olive nail polish you saw in my last haul!

Remember to experiment and have fun with it! These are my basic four eyeshadows to start a collection, be sure to tell me if you want more of these "beauty basics" posts!

And just to show you what my mac eyeshadow collection looks like, here it is! Every color of the rainbow! This is my collection so that is my excuse! I have paint pots on the right, shadows everywhere, two palettes, and my blush basics palette! Hope you enjoyed and be sure to comment/follow!

We ♥ you!

~Perfectly Pink


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