Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Fashion!!

     I was watching the Oscars, and I absolutely love Emma Stone's dress. I want it for myself!

I loved the giant bow on her shoulder and I thought the color red was very pretty on here. Jennifer Lopez's dress was also one of my favorites.

 The sparkles were gorgeus. 
 But everyone was saying how much they loved Michelle Williams dress.

                                             I didn't really like it. I guess it just wasn't my style.
     The funniest part of the red carpet was when a comedian dressed up as dictador, and poured pancake mix over the person who he as talking to. He said it was the ashes of his old friend. Then the security guards carried him away. The interviewer had to do the rest of the interviews in a bunch of pancake mix!
Bye for now,
--Glitter Girl


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