Saturday, February 25, 2012

Forever 21 Haul


I am super excited! 

I placed an order with one of my favorite stores, Forever 21, which just came in today! I am so excited to share my treasures with you! Okay, enough exclamation marks. I took pictures of everything and will show you what I got!

The first shirt I got just may be my favorite. This floral lace shirt will go great with my light wash denim shorts I got, and is perfect to spring into spring! I love the attention to detail they gave this by combining the print with the lace. This shirt will give you that sophisticated pop to any drab pants/shorts that need  perk up!
The next thing I got is this light brown belt. It has black flowers running through it and also has some designs that go alined with the tribal trend. I am going to wear this with some indigo skinny jeans and a bright color pop kind of shirt, maybe I should go orange?

Next I got this brown leather bracelet with three adorable flowers on it! I am going to wear this with a pink shirt you will see later, drop earrings also shown later, and some jeggings. I also have some brown leather flats that will go nicely with this.

Here are the earrings! They have a small stone at the end of it, maybe a cat's eye inspired? I will wear these with the chunky floral bracelet. I love the combo of the two together, it just makes the whole outfit! 

 I must admit, there is not an excuse for these. I typically use my "Say yes to cucumbers" wipes to clean my face when I need to get any face makeup off, but I am tired of having to go in with two or three other cleansers to finish the job. I guess that could be my excuse? Anyways, I need something that will do a decent job of getting face and eye makeup off, and even when I have nothing on, it is always nice to have a go to cleansing wipe. Review coming soon!

Bobby pins are becoming a nightmare for me! I loose them so often, I am all out! Who knows, I may find them stashes in one of my cat's secret hiding places someday! Sadly for now, my hair is always going to get out of place, and there is the need for my new best friend. I think you get 25 for a dollar, not bad at all! plus, they are very large which will hold my wavy, easily tangled hair up nicely!

 I have way too many addictions when it comes to anything beauty and fashion, so when I see super cheap nail polish that is super cheap and opaque, I have to get it. If you know me well, you know that you will never see me without my nails painted. Without nail polish, I feel like I don't have my armor on or something. It would be like me walking around without at least a dozen pictures of my cat on me or something. It just can't happen. I picked up the strangest, most beautiful olive green with topaz shimmer and a bright, shimmering fuchsia! Hello, glitter.
Next on my list was hair ties. These have the little metal pieces which I do not love, but they still get the job done. I will test these out and see if they snag my hair, but they look pretty good! These will be nice to reach for when I need to get my hair up.
Okay, I do not need these, but who could resist them? Anything candy related and my sweet tooth takes over, even when I am shopping! I think I paid around five dollars for these and they actually did a really nice job. Compared to the thirty dollar price tags stuck on earbuds at target, these were a great deal.
Jeggings! I am addicted, and these were super cheap, so I had to pick up two pairs. One is in a deep indigo wash, and the other is in black. They look a lot skinnier on and stretch pretty well to. I will be wearing these soon!

Jean shorts are what I mostly live in on those lazy days. I have way too much dark wash stuff already, and even though the dark wash is probably more updated, I love pairing darker tops with a lighter wash jean.

This bright pink shirt has the most adorable lace sleeves! I tried to get a close up picture but that did not work out too well... at least you can see the color! It has somewhat of a bat-winged sleeve so it is very boho-chic. I will pair this with the jewelry that I got and my indigo jeggings. This would be adorable on the weekends with some brown wedges! I have a brown leather wedge with an amber/bronze rope design around the edge. Can not wait to wear them with this!

I am loving this teal pop of color for hair accessories! I am going to wear my hair in huge wavy curls and tease it so my hair is super full and shape it around this! The flower adds a nice tough without going too overboard because it is fairly small in size. Ah-dorable!

And last but not least, I have this love and beauty mascara. I tend to go with Mac for any cosmetic products, overall I think it is the best brand. I heard that this mascara is comparable to Mac's plushlash, a great Thickining mascara. I thought it would be okay, but nothing compared to my Mac go to items. I am not impresses with the price slapped on Mac's mascara's, $18.00. Even drugstore products are getting pricey. When I tried this for the first time, I was shocked. It is the most natural Thickining mascara I have ever tried! It gave me the "doll eyes" I adore in one coat. I don't know, this may be a new lifetime favorite in the making! Oh, and at the price of $2.80, who could resist it? I would highly recommend this to anyone who has medium to long lashes in length.

Sorry for such a long post, I need to stop writing now! My fingers are protesting with every letter that I type, so this is goodbye for now! I will post again very very soon, keep checking back! Be sure to follow and comment, I hope you enjoyed!
~Perfectly Treated With Shopping Goodies, and Perfectly Pink!


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