Saturday, February 25, 2012

The New "it" Color?

I am sitting on my couch, enjoying my Saturday, looking at the newest trends, things to do, hairstyles I have to try, and my cat that needs her belly rub. What else is new, right? Right now, I can tell you what I am seeing, and that is bunches of orange. Don't get me wrong, the color is happy and cheerful enough, but come on, orange? As I started thinking about why this seems to be so huge, I figured out that this may be just what this season needs. I feel like it used to be every fashion show I watched, you would see beautiful designs of all sorts, but they needed to expand their color palette. I may be contemplating the use of the statement color but with just the right shade, I think it could work.

A great way to start is to wear a red/orange color. This works for most skin tones because it provides the color pop needed without becoming too neon. I found a beautiful shirt by Ralph Lauren on Nordstrom online...

This bright orange coral gives the look a sophisticated pop of color without going overboard. Because spring is coming, you can get away with brighter colors. I would wear silver with this to balance out the bright warm tone with some cool tones jewelry. This can be paired with jeans or worn loose with jeggings, you could even knot the ends of the blouse as shown in my last post!

Be sure to follow and comment below, we love hearing from you! Tell me if you are going to try this trend and how it works out for you. Thanks for reading!

~ Perfectly, um Orange?


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