Saturday, April 21, 2012

Purple Perfection

Hey Everyone!

     I am really excited to share a new look with you! A few posts back, I said I was obsessed with my new smokey eye using purples and neutrals. Here it is!

First, prime your eyes using your favorite eye primer. Mine is Urban Decay primer potion, it makes your shadows stay on all day! One time I went swimming with a teal and gold tropical look on, it didn't budge! Also, it makes eyeshadows apply easier and it also helps blends the product out.
My first eyeshadow I used was all that glitters by mac. It is one of their best sellers due to it's natural sheen and high pigmentation. I used a 239 brush to apply this all over my lid. Be sure to cover the inner corners too, they often get missed!

 Next I took Plum Dressing eyeshadow by mac and applied this to my crease. Plum dressing is very sheer, so I lightly sprayed a little water on my brush to intensify the pigmentation in it. If you want it more dramatic, you can take a little and blend up to "smoke" it out more. This will give added definition to the eye.

Next I took Embark with the 239 brush again and placed a little of this on my outer corner. To help blend, I placed a little of this into my crease, creating the perfect purple!

In the picture below, I used Blanc Type to highlight my brow bone.

For this step, any eyeliner will do, I just wanted to go with the theme! You can use the top one, which is purple dash by mac. Or the bottom one is Ransom by Urban Decay. I love these!
To complete this look, you need the thick eyelashes! Mac's false lash mascara extends to the tips of your lashes, making them full and long. This has a more of a matte black look to it, so it defines your lashes even more! What I love about this mascara is you can control the amount you use. You can go from natural to red carpet worthy in one swipe.
Because I used such a strong eye for this look, everything else needs to be softened up. Instead of using a blush, I opted for Nars Laguna bronzer. It gives a natural tan color with a hint of a gold sheen. I used 189 with this to warm up my cheeks and a 168 to slightly contour the sides.
We also need to use a soft lip, but I wanted something moisturizing. I used Clinique's Chubby Stick in whopping watermelon for a light pink glossy look. This is very natural and so perfect for this look.
These are the brushes that I used for this look, all from mac. Here are the numbers from left to right: 217, 239, 224, 168, 189. The 189 is discontinued, so any large powder brush will be perfect for this look!

Thank you so much for reading, I had a ton of fun coming up with this look! Make sure to follow and feel free to comment with any questions! Also, do you like it better when we take our own pictures? I went back to my old ways and took my own for this! Check out some of my first posts to see the ones I took in my DIY photo studio!

♥ Perfectly Pink


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