Friday, April 27, 2012

Makeup Collection And Storage

Hey Everyone!

    We are super excited to show you Forever Fuchsia's makeup collection! We like to think of this as our beauty closet, we get our inspiration from these products. This is also meant to show you how it is organized! We are not trying to show off our products in any way, we love to look at makeup collection posts so we thought you might like to see ours as well!

 Here is where the magic happens! I turned an old desk into a vanity and it works out perfectly!
 This is how I store my everyday brushes! I love keeping them like this, it makes it so easy to find the one I want. If you want a detailed brush review on these, comment below!
Okay, so in the yellow basket I have pencil eyeliners. In the middle, I have my Clinique moisturizers and my sharpener. Then I took a clear container and put my mascaras, concealers, and foundations in!
 This is just some basic everyday stuff. I keep a full coverage foundation, a tinted moisturizer, and some samples.
I love this drawer. It just makes me happy to look at it! In the bottom right square, I keep my primers in it. Right above that, I have some mineralized skin finishes. On the left side, I have some skin toned powders, tinted moisturizers, and my Givenchy concealer pen.
 In this drawer, I have my eye primers, eye palettes, Benefit samples, and some paint pots. This also has some fluid lines in it.
 I guess everyone has a messy drawer, right? I have my brush belts on the bottom, and I have some false lashes on top!
 This drawer has mostly elf in it. I have a couple of stila, Bh cosmetics, and Rimmel products in it as well. It basically just has some of my favorite products in it that are all jumbled together!
This is my blush drawer! I have a mac blush palette, and some blushes in pot form.
 This has a jumble of products in it! I have some bronzers, lip products, and some nars multiples. I also have some NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils, I love those! Expect a review on those coming up soon too!

Here is my lip drawer! I love to mix lip colors so this is really fun to play around with. I use things from here daily, so this drawer is always changing.
There isn't much in here, I just keep my BH cosmetics palettes, some hair ties, and a curling iron in it! I am always switching out the stuff in here, it is more of a spare drawer.
This is my favorite part of my collection! I have been collecting for a while, plus I get a lot of my stuff from CCO's. This is actually supposed to be a nail polish rack, I just use it for my eyeshadows!

I hope you enjoyed this post, the 99th post deserves to be extra special! Feel free to comment and be sure to follow, thanks for reading!

♥ Perfectly Pink and Glitter Girl


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