Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tips and Tricks

Hey everyone!

    Here is a new series that I am going to do with some of my secrets that I have picked up along the way! Here is a tip on how to get more volume in your hair without having to tease it. Teasing breaks your hair, and here are some of my ways that I use!

So the blow dryer I like to use is the T3 featherweight. I do not use this a ton, but when I do it works wonders! This may seem strange, but I promise, it gets the job done really well. I flip my head over so my hair is hanging down and then dry it that way! This makes it very sleek and gives it a ton on volume.

My next trick is to use a hairspray that has the same, how to describe, goal in hair life as you do! Bed Head TIGI superstar hairspray may be a bit of an odd concept at first, it is not your usual hairspray. For a ton of volume, you can flip your hair upside down and spray.

Okay, I know that some of you just want to get it done and don't have the time to spend on other ways, so if you want to use a teasing comb, get a good one! This is a lot kinder to your hair, it will not break as much, I have this and it hardly ever breaks any hair, it just works really well! I do have to use a certain way, so let me explain that!

My key to this is you have to wait to spray it until the end. I also hold it so the teeth of the comb are facing down, it will give you the most natural look while not harming your hair! You don't want to spray it because when the hairspray hardens, you will only break more hair by tearing it out. These are my go to ways to getting tons of volume, try them out and tell me if they worked for you! Thanks for reading!

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