Thursday, April 19, 2012

Makeup Idea!

     I was bored today so when I got home I decided to try out some new makeup looks. I found one that I really like, so I thought I would show it to you!

     First, I put the eyeshadow Yogurt from MAC cosmetics all over the lid. Then I took the eyeshadow Samoa Silk, and added it to the outer corners and the crease. Make sure to blend them together. I applied this with a 239 brush.

The first one is Yogurt and the second one is Samoa Silk.


Then, I used a black mascara. I suggest using one that gives your eyelashes more volume. This is great because it really pops with the light eyeshadow.

     Then for lipgloss I couldn't decide between Pop or Pout from Smashbox. Pop is more subtle, but if you want to be crazy go for Pout! I like to wear Pout on the weekends or when I'm in a very pink mood. However, I prefer Pop because it matches most lip colors, so it just adds some sparkle.

Then voila! You now have a custom makeover by Glitter Girl!

I hope you like this post! Be sure to comment and follow!
--Glitter Girl♥♥


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