Monday, April 9, 2012

Be Bold!

Hey Everyone!

     Okay, I admit, I will not wear super funky looks when it comes to makeup in public. I don't know what it is, I wear them all the time in the summer, but I found a way to wear fun colors without going overboard!

First, I love mac freshwater. It is this shimmery clear blue, it is so pretty to use on the lashing when you tightline your eyes with a black liner. This gives a really cool affect, because you are combing them without blending.

Mac lucky green is interesting. Green may be the hardest color to pull off, but if you get a good brush, it is easy! This has a golden tint to it, so it works really well on the lower lashline. I use a 219 pencil brush to add a little sheen!

Mac Goldmine makes the perfect lid color when blended out! It is a soft gold that just gives a slight tint. I like to apply it with a 213 and buff it out with a 224.

I love mac contrast! It makes the perfect pop of color and liner at the same time! I use it with a 266 brush, and if I want it darker I can always lightly wet the brush.

I hope you enjoyed my post on how to wear bright colors, feel free to comment with any questions!

♥ Perfectly Pink


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