Thursday, March 8, 2012

What do Tigers Dream Of?

Everyone who has seen the hangover movie knows the famous scene where Stu decides it is the perfect moment to sit down and play a song on the piano. And let me tell you, this tune popped into my head around three days ago and I have not stopped singing it sense. This reminded me of how animal prints are popping up in smaller ways now. I have seen them in hair bows, rings, bracelets, and shoes, which make it the perfect go to accessory for that extra pop to your outfit. Here are some ideas...

I love how wearable this is! I love animal prints, but I do not want to go full out Jerseylicious every time I wear them!

Adorable! This may take some more work to pull off, but with the right amount of wave in your hair, this would look fab!

We cannot forget the zebra! This bag puts the perfect punch in to any outfit. The key to any animal print outfit is to tone down the rest of your look and wear it tastefully. I want to try this out soon, comment and follow!

- perfectly pink


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