Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shopping Trip

Yestarday was my first time ever going to the MAC counter and it was an experience! It was absolutely amazing.
I was looking for some simple makeup for school, that would look kind of natural. Perfectly pink told me to try the color Nylon. It looks natural, but it's very shimmery. I highly suggest it.
Then we headed off to Forever 21. I got a light blue nail polish, and then a silver sparklely one. I got those two colors because I thought it would look good to use the blue nail polish, and then do a little silver at the tip of my fingers. It actually turned out quite well.

Now this is possibly my favorite purchase of the day. I got Living Proof hair straightening spray at Sephora's. It's great because after you shower, you just spray your hair, and then you blow dry. It's must faster, and easier than straightening your hair with a straightening iron.

I hope you like this post!
--Glitter Girl


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