Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Key to the Cat Eye

You may have seen people before who have on a makeup look that is super intense and looks amazing. This is probably due to their eyeliner, and the key to that look is they line their waterline. The waterline is the little flap of skin on the lower half of your eye. And that picture below is not of me by the way!

So this area can be lined using two methods. One is to use darker colors-such as blacks or browns to make the eyes appear smaller and define them more. Another is to use light colors such as a peach or a white to make the eyes appear larger! This has a really cool affect.

Make sure that the eyeliner you are using is waterline approved, in most cases unless it comes with a safety warning, you are good to go. Unless you are using a matte eyeliner, it will slide off pretty fast. I like to set it with powder to make it last longer. The best liners for the waterline are urban decay's eyeliners or mac fluidlines. Be sure to comment below and tell me if you line your waterline and what posts you want to see next!
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