Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beach Bags and more!

Aero NY Striped Tote  - Aéropostale®     Ok, in the summer you need big bags for the beach, sleepovers, aand many more things. So, here are some super cute bags and are fashionable, and big enough to hold everything you need.
     This is the first one. It also come in a navy/purple color. It's bigger than it looks in the picture, and it would be an awesome bag for a sleepover. (Infact I am going to use it for my sleepover with perfectly pink.) This bag is from Aerpostale

This next one is a perfect beach bag with plenty of room for towels, and bathing suits. But since school is still going on, you can use it for school too. This bag is also from Aeropostale.

Aero Swim Tote  - Aéropostale®

This bag is from Forever 21 and i think the floral prints are so cute. This bag will definetly grab some attention.

Vera Bradley - Tote
This bag is from Vera Bradley and the print is called the Island Blooms. I really like Vera Bradley, but I don't always like all of the prints. Sometimes they can be too old lady. But, this print is totally cool.

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