Saturday, March 17, 2012

Makeover Madness

Hey everyone!

This is a new series I will be starting for my makeover challanges! I will post colors, styles, and different trends that I will test out and want you to try too! This is the first challenge, so let's get started!

My first beauty challenge is to play with the eyes using only two colors, but it gets a little trickier. One color must be a darker neutral, so I used modelette, a limited edition color from Mac. It is a soft brown color with a golden undertone. Here is the catch: your next color must be black. I used typographic from Mac, because it is slightly more blendable then carbon. The challange is to make a natural eye that you can wear during the day using only these two products! If it is nessiccary, you can use a little mascara. Here is how I decided to try it out!

First, I covered my entire lid with all that glitters eyeshadow.

Next, I took a 266 angled eyeliner brush and smudged a little bit of typographic on my upper lash line. Next I took a 219 and applied the same color to my crease. This gave me a harsh line, so I took a 226 blending brush and blended that out which only gave my crease a smokey look.

This still was a natural eye, and it was easy to do! tell me what you think of these challanges, and be sure to try this and tell me how it worked! Feel free to comment and be sure to follow for tips and more posts!
-Perfectly Pink


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