Sunday, March 25, 2012

Makeup Challange Two

Hey everyone!

I hope you are excited for my second post of the makeover madness series! I put in a clue of what it was going to be on my last post, it said that two colors were used, but you can use more then two products. Questionable thoughts were probably flying, but here is the post!

I was playing around with different lip colors for spring and summer and found one that I am kind of adoring. It is two toned lips! You put a bright, bold color all over and then another color in the center and blend out. This gives a really cool effect that varies depending on what products you use.

I used Vegas Volt lipstick for my first color. It is a bright coral/red that is so pretty on! I love this color.

Then I took some of melon pigment and placed it in the middle of my lip. I then used my finger to blend it out.

My clue said that you can use more then two products, but only two colors. This means that you can always top it off with a clear gloss! I just used a basic one, not sure what brand it was!

I hope you enjoyed this, tell me how you tried this makeup challenge!

-Perfectly Pink


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