Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hair Drying vs Air Drying

Hey everyone!

      I am to post today about air drying vs using a hair drier to get your hair dry! I love it when I take the time to blow dry my hair, it is so soft and smooth when I am done. Sadly, this does not happen very often! My hair is not super think, but it is somewhat full. It takes me at least twenty minutes to blow dry my hair, and it is just not worth that much time for me. I tried to blow dry my hair for a week straight, and let me tell you, I could not last three days! It just takes way to much time for me to blow it dry.

      And that leaves me with the frizzy option of letting my hair air dry. I was so tired of my dry, frizzy hair, but I did not want to attempt using heat to dry it. So what is my only option? Redken align! It has a 12 hold which gives it that straight look without having to use a flat iron or blow drier! Here is a picture..

You only need a pea-sized pump for shiny, smooth hair! This says that it is a blow dry lotion, but I use it on my hair dry and it does not make it greasy at all. Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants that silky smooth look without having to spend that extra time blow drying their hair! Plus, this does not have a strong scent at all, it does not linger for a long time either.

I hope you all enjoyed! Please comment and follow!

-perfectly pink


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