Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blink, Blink!

Ever wonder how some people just have that huge wide eyed affect? Their lashes look super full and their eyes are huge. This is caused by a very nice special effect beauty product, false lashes! I hardly ever wear false lashes, they do take practice to apply. I use them on clients sometimes who have a big event and need something extra. I will show you my go to pairs to use on them!

My favorite brand to use is Ardell because you can re-use them. They are also the easiest to apply in my opinion. The ardell 110 in black are great starter lashes, they give length and thickness.

My next favorite pair is the Ardell 109. These are not super thickening, but they do add a ton of length! This helps you eyes look more awake.
Also, the lash band blends in with your eyeliner perfectly, it just gives it another layer of definition!

This next pair is super natural. It is the ardell 301, and it gives a ton of definition to your outer corner! These are super natural and very wearable. All you need to do is smudge your liner into the band to give you the bambi eyed affect!

I hope this post is helpful, comment and tell me what your favorite lashes are!
-perfectly pink


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